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Coventry Telegraph: "Sinking Of HMS Coventry To Be Made Into Cinema Film"


War Hero
Would that be to keep the Broadsword (Greenhaigh) going? If so, how cool she is still with us.

Not sure, both hulls aren't that old in comparison to other Ex RN Hulls still in service around the globe. If anything its a tribute to shipbuilders in the UK, sadly a skill almost totally lost in the UK.


Lantern Swinger
There's plenty of opportunities for this movie to be absolute nosh. Lets just hope there's no 'dramatic' moment when an otherwise decent bloke can't take anymore and shoots himself in the head vis a vis Titanic.


War Hero
Indeed, it's a top idea and a decent Falklands movie is well overdue, but in all likelihood, it's going to be absolute pump, along with most other low budget British films. Even with the best intentions, I can't see how they are going to make a decent war movie unless they have a Hollywood budget. They'll need a few ships, jets, big budget special effects, the lot, otherwise it will probably just be low quality CGI with hundreds of factual errors and a few sexy shots from the DRIU at Whale Island.

I can see it now: 'For this production, the parts of HMS Coventry and HMS Broadsword will be played by a Type 23 frigate and a Minesweeper, the Argentine jets will be played by RAF Hawks and the Captain Hart-Dyke will be played by Martin Clunes.'


War Hero
Indeed. I heard Nicholas Lyndhurst is lined up to play the AAWO, that lanky kid from the Inbetweeners is going to be the Bosun's Mate and there will be at least two ex Eastenders cast members in as yet unconfirmed roles.

It promises to be an all star cast that only a made for TV, low budget, BBC production could muster.

My money is on Pat Butcher to play Maggie, they wanted Dame Helen Mirren but she turned her nose up saying ''I've got a ******* Oscar, do you honestly expect me to be in a film with Martin ******* Clunes daaahling?''


War Hero
Might be worth a look ....But only to see Miranda

The ship is a war grave
Documentary ... yes
Love story ... sick



War Hero
I`m sure Mel Gibson would put some money in if he could rewrite and directed it. Would the Septics or the Argies win?
Active in Films & TV since the late '50s, I'd nominate this oriental chappie for the Dhobeyman.

Burt Kwouk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Deleted 493

Flagdeck used one inappropriate word, the ni**er word was used about 2 weeks ago on this site and no one batted an eyelid, so no I will not ''think on''.

Because no-one batted an eyelid then, does not lay the foundations for a percieved tolerance on racist terminology. I suggest you read the T&C and 'think on'.



War Hero
Smugly bringing the thread back on line, I would wish good luck to this particular ship and all who sail in her.

The Septics never slow to drop on a good story seem to have left this particular cookie alone.
A few years back the outrage bus was doing laps around these parts after the cousins from across the water attempted to impress us with their version of how the Enigma code was broken. Apparently the U boat U57 was attacked and the codes became ours.
Trouble is Able Seaman Collin Glazier is a local hero who recovered the code books in U559 and died with two others recovering them.
He won the GC doing so and the American version tended to upset.
Still early days and there are always the other ships to morph onto.
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