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Yes but can they afford the high prices :)
When I was employed by British Waste of Space at Bracknell I joined the Sports and social club.
When BAe sold the site they had to buy the club from the members.
This was about 1990 we all got well over £1000 each.
It would have been fairer for the proceeds from the sale of The China Fleet club to have distributed amongst it's owners. The Rating both junior and senior who were serving at the time of the sale.
Like I said, it's free to join as a rating (both SR and JR) and it's not that expensive. I used it a lot when I was serving, even had my youngest's christening party there and my RBL branch have had Christmas and New Years dinners there, also attended my Speed Awareness course there but that's a different story. It's not expensive as it has many competitors, St Mellion Golf and Country Club is only a few miles away as an example.

It does loads of stuff and I think the Phase 1'a still get bussed over there for a day out so to speak.

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I went to the new one in Plymouth when it first opened, thought it was a cracking place.

Did you the one in HK in 88, cant remember a great deal about it, I recall a souvenir market in there?
THE China fleet was just across the road from HMS Tamar ( not the river, the Hong Kong naval base and dockyard) and spitting distance from Wanchai. Some golf course amongst the Janners pales into insignificance by comparison. The club was invariably first stop for a pint of San Miguel or Tiger before the nights entertainment. Pinky wasn’t far away either so if you fancied topping up or covering up your tats his parlour was just around the corner.
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