Court Martial Of Billy Mitchell

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by chockhead819, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Having watch this for the first time Honest, I found myself saying why is there no Senior Officer prepared to fall on the sword like this guy.
    Not only did he predict the future, he got Pearl Harbour right.

    I know none would like to lose their pensions but it would be great if 1/2 SL called a press conference & said The RN is AFU'D Beyond belief, Then rip into Bliar/Brown & co.

    Or even the head of all the Armed Forces say right on say July no patrols in Stan/Iraq, No crab flights, No sailing of war canoes until HM Govt gets its shit together about funding.

    We can all but dream.
  2. i would pay to hear that
  3. That really is a lovely thought. Regrettably, it would be sold to everyone internally and externally as a military insurrection, falling short of a coup. In the same way this Government treats the Lords when they pi*s them off, the Constitution would rapidly be mangled to prevent any continuation or recurrence. Additionally, it would involve the Owner and make her position somewhat precarious. A whole hornet's left well alone unless immediate national survival depended on it.
  4. The only way that would happen would be if officers again had private incomes upon which they could depend for a comfortable living, were the Honours system to be abolished and if those at the top then had the guts to speak out whilst IN office. As none of these looks remotely likely, we must put up with the consequences.... unless Prince William decides to say something when he does his stint in the Andrew.
  5. Dream on Chockhead. Never going to happen.

  6. Just for Info --
    Brigadier General W.L Mitchell was an American Army flier who advocated the setting up of a centralised USAAF without the Navy and Army input.
    His main claim to fame was --apart from writing a book on strategy of an envisaged Pacific war-----to sink a Target ship during bombing trials by aircraft using the biggest bomb possible :lol: :lol:
    The trials were to determine bomb damage using various bomb types and recording damage sustained on the Target .
    He authorised a 2,000lb bomb and sunk an 'unsinkable' warship .

    He was court martialled for conduct prejuditial to good order and discipline!!

    They took him back eventually and also named a bomber after him!!
  7. There is nothing to stop anyofficer requesting to be placed on the retired list, he would get all his pension acrued to the point he was placed on the retired list and of course once retired would be free to coment to the press as he wished within the limitations of the OSA. I understand that in the past this has been threatened, in private, and the politicos of the time did take notice.
  8. so this has nothing to do with eastenders then
  9. Maxi, I was responding to jungle_jim who, I think, was refering to;

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