Courses Lasting More Than Two Weeks.


trehorn said:
angrydoc said:
Surely you're not suggesting a separate course for reservists?

As far as I am aware the RNR still do two weeks LRCC which continues through the weekend in between. The RN do three weeks - but get the weekends off.

Just to open (yet another) can of worms I know several reservists who attend the RN courses and get seriously annoyed at the amount of down time given. I've attended courses where my teeth are floating after the first day because i've drunk so much tea! "Have another stand easy chaps be back in here in 45 minutes".

In Civvy Street i start at 0830 and finish at 1700 with an hour for lunch. There's no such thing as breaks or stand easys so i do find most - NOT ALL - of the RN courses very long and drawn out. A course which could be completed in three days often gets lengthened out to five just because of the number of breaks and early finishes.

Dons kevlar and awaits incomming :D :la:

Couldn't disagree with most of that..!!


As an example during mobilisation training the general consensus from the RN SR's taking the instruction was that when an RNR class turns up all their christmas's had come at once, an apparent up to speed class, everyone keen as mustard, switched on early secure every day lots of fag/tea breaks...instructor make and mends here there and everywhere..bargain...if push came to shove GPMG and MINIGUN course could have been done in 1 week instead of two and everyone could still have passed easily.. each course was made to run the full week not the instructors fault....its the training directive from above!

However having the ability to pass a one week course after the second day doesn't make you competent and this was very apparent when deployed people that were excellent in the classroom turned out to be gash in the saying goes good against training is one thing good agaiinst a living that's another!

My objection and where the training is a let down is if you have the ability to pass a course after 2 days into the 5 rather than pad it out drinking tea why isnt their a contingency for the remaining 3 days to impart more advanced/additional skills rather than taking the easy route and shutting up shop early????

That's what grips the shit when people turn round and then accuse the RNR of having a poor skill base!!....Increasing the length of courses will do nothing to address this if the training organisation remains as poor...In my opinion!!!


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Twas ever thus - military courses (and even a number of externally run civvie courses I have been on) have been akin to the "3 days squeezed into 5" syndrome.

It aint going to change and as for extending the content to add extra value - can't do that because then you screw up the next course in the series!


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SoylentGreen said:
Speaking of which - what's TEM stand for? Anyone? I've seen the term applied to courses i.e. GPMG TEM, LS TEM....

Temporary Employment Module. used to be known as PJT, Pre Joining Training

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