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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by phil1972, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. I really enjoyed the 547 SPO team members course particularly the exercise on the Bristol.

    What are other experiences of course you would say to other RNR they should put themselves down for if they get the chance?
  2. Bit of a diificult one that without completely demoralising you..!

    The courses I have done that have been really good we either dont need now or cant get on..e.g.

    Gemini/Rib Coxn course was good laugh..hard work and you could get binned each day which was a bit hairy..!!
    ISSC (Intermediate Sea Safety Course)..again no RNR allowed now..!

    Other than those deployments and exercises are the way to go...get to sea on a ship that is COST/BOSTing. Huge amount of worthwhile training and experience.
  3. I completed my 547 SPO Members course last week and have to agree with Phil1972 that it was the best course I have done in my time in the RNR.

    Although you can never beat 2 weeks spent on an excercise especially at sea in a gray war canoe.
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    POCY Course at HMS Mercury..... :)

    In terms of courses still available, I thoroughly enjoyed my SR Leadership Course and got one hell of a lot out of it. Beware of becoming focused solely on courses, though, going into an operational billet and putting the training to good use is far more worthwhile.
  5. Every single one that I have been on, even BSSC in January!!
  6. Not RNR but the best course I have done in the mob was my POLC at Whale Island, now called SRCC. There were points that, at the time, I didn't enjoy so much, but looking back now, I had an outstanding time.
  7. Best course - two week fork lift truck course at Faslane. Flew up, top hotel (no accomodation available), they cancelled course before it even started. The remaining 13 days were tough, but I pulled through. :grin:

    Best deployment - month in Canada, leading an AT expedition.

  8. My favourite course has been Intercourse and I have been required to resit and epeat it as I finished too quicklly. :roll:
  9. In no particular order

    1. BSSC - where I met the PO Stoker
    2. POLC - hard work but a right laugh
    3. Merchant Navy Acquaint - we rated our visits to various merchant shipping related companies not by their presentation but by the quality of the tea and biscuits!
    4. NCAGS conversion - the course that converted us from Ops(HQ) to NCAGS - it was like being on course with every friend I ever made in the RNR in my branch
  10. After CTC, which I actually enjoyed, it would be the abseil despatchers course for Wessex and Sea Kings (great fun ... we used to take Yeovil Wrens up 200' and despatch them. Great fun in the bar afterwards) and after completing my para course the short course I did for water jumps.
  11. Well I can't black cat the above, but the two week free fall parachute course at Weston On The Green was good. The course is detailed in JSP 419 along with some of the best AT courses in the world!!
  12. The best course is to get an excused chit.........!
  13. Sorry, was not trying to look clever, just tellng you what course I liked. In my defence, I once arranged for RN aircrew to jump into sea off Arbroath from C130s. I think they enjoyed it! Love to RNR :)
  14. BSSC is always good (never done an ISSC)
    SPO 547 very good
    518 ok.

    I'm suprised that no one has mentioned 2 weeks basic at Raleigh!!! Mine was abelter. Very hard work but afterwards i didnt want to leave.

    I agree with the one about operational deployments. Get on a ship, preferably a small one (better hands on training).

    Most boring was the Comms accelerator. The people on the course were great but the course was the equivilant of taking sleeping pills!
  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Never took the course but was involved in its instruction - it was a battle to remain motivated enough to turn-to as an instructor, I hate to think what it was like for the lads/lasses taking this course!
  16. Merwex's for me were really good, it helped me to reaffirm why I wasnt a communicator....Yawn!!!!... :wink:
  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Fleetwork Merwex was the only subject I really enjoyed, V/S (when we were allowed to teach it) could be interesting, but any Merwex involving Sparker-shit was a real downer.
  18. Enjoyed BSSC, but it was old school BSSC with diesel fires not the gas fire rubbish.

    Interestingly on my BSSC a different woman cried on every day.

    One was scared of fire, one was scared of water, one was scared of flooding etc etc etc. :roll:
  19. Remember the black fearnaughts and BASCA's...Sighh...and how important it was to keep your tits in!!!..(those who remember BASCA's will know)...

    How there use to be an ambulance there all day...Hmm sweet comfort!

    Those were the days..!! :cool:

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