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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by Greenymech, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. Hi my Daughter whos is a 13 yr old able cadet, has asked me what courses are available at Excellent can any tell me in general what is available there?
    I must admit I used to dread going there when in the mob as it consisted of marching with more marching.
  2. Unfortunately very little is available now at 13.
    Full Bore shooting at 14
    First Aid (RN L2) 16
    Cdt Drill Instructor 16

    Further details are here Cadet National Training Pro 08/09

    She could always go to Raleigh or even Caledonia where there is much more available for her age group
  3. Thanks R12, she has done Raleigh twice now, really enjoyed it and nearly went to Caledonia last year but the other cadet dropped out.
    I'll let her know and look at the programme.
  4. What area is she in? There has been a large increase in the last year or so on training on offer at area level. In the North West for example, Inskip is as active as ever with courses.

    Get her to contact her Unit Training Officer, s/he should be able to provide a list of courses available at all levels at the various locations, as well as information on costs, pre-requisites, age requirements etc etc
  5. I thought you could still do Leading Cadet and PO Cadet boards in Excellent?
  6. Comms, switch on and look at the link I posted above. One of your roles as LC is to advise younger members of course available to them.

    National LC & POC Boards have moved to Raleigh (far better facilities and staff) as well as Caledonia.

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