Courier of Despatches Gannet

Discussion in 'History' started by trelawney126, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. What happened to the COD on the old Ark Royal. Seem to recall the pilot was a Lt. Pickles.. I believe it was older than the one at the FAA museum?
  2. The museums got a pilot? A pickled pilot? :D
  3. COD Gannet = Courier on Deck :wink: :wink: ( WITH BLUE SACKS) :D
  4. Thats the one Scouse, but what became of it?
  5. :roll: F9358 XG790 Gannet COD4 d/d 06/02/1957, broken up as spares and produce 1978 at Lossiemouth, remains to Tain Ranges 18/09/1978, since destroyed
  6. Many thanks Scouse, had a few jollies to RAF LUQUA in it. Going off the cat was some experience. Cheers
  7. Twenty four years and I never knew that COD stood for anything.

    Never too old to learn as they say.

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