Courageous Restraint?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. Is this the most stupid expression ever conceived by the so called upper brass?
    Don't shoot bombers in case you awaken the villagers!
    Does Sandhurst or whoever still churn out the dregs of the WW1 General staff?
    We are talking about the lives of our troops here and although there are some suggestions it is an American idea it becomes a lie as the US Marines blitz and kill everything that moves.
    We have the best troops in the world but I despair of the people who lead them,including the crab officer who said “ We must stop Gadaffi being beastly to his people!” and I heard that on TV.
    Take the gloves of or get out,shoot all who are laying bombs,if you find him running away after laying it,shoot the twat!he then can't lay another.
    The fact that it took a Commando to highlight this shows how bad it is.
    It's not just the Daily Mail here all papers are running it.It Stinks but not to worry judging from the pictures I've seen of some of the MOD General staff there are enough fat arses to fill the padded chairs they just bought.
    What happened to the so called fitness tests in order to serve?
    The higher you get up the ladder the more pies you seem to get thru!but your brains follow them down the bogs.
    I despair of our so called Leaders of War
  2. I assume this is the Daily Mail article concerned:I can't believe you've swallowed it. 'Courageous restraint' is simply meant to avoid stupid things like this happening:
  3. Where did you get that courageous restraint means that ROE prevents you engaging so as not to wake anyone up?

    Edited to add: Seen. The Mail.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 18, 2011
  4. How dare you suggest I read the Mail? as a matter of fact I got it from page 15 of the Sun a great read!
    No matter where it came from it was a former Royal Craig Smith who described the orders coupled with the other poor squaddie who told his wife this order was madness just before he was blown up.
    I'll leave it to you to tell Craig Smith he made it all up!
    I'm sure even with my no knowledge of the conflict you can tell if a man plants a device with a shovel then does a runner he's probably laying an IED,at least you can fire to stop him then ask.
    All I'm saying it's true or Craig Smith and others are lying!
  5. Taken out of context I would suggest. I suspect it was a joke as in "well we wouldn't want to wake the villagers up would we?". There is no way that would be given as a reason not to engage.

    Courageous restraint exists, as shit as it is, to reduce civcas.

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