Couple of questions - Skin/Eyesight


Hi all,

After flicking through various threads I've not found definitive answers to a couple of my questions. I know it is a case of just "seeing how it goes" but hopefully I may get an answer or two.

1. I have a small cyst on my shoulder blade which has become apparent since my medical. At first I thought nothing of it. But I have Raleigh in March and I've been deliberating as to whether it should be removed or not before I leave. The small procedure is simply an incision and a couple of stitches, no biggie. It doesn't affect me at all, it's just unsightly. If I went through with it and had it removed, would I be prevented from progressing in Raleigh as there can be a wait times?

2. Fairly less convoluted - is there an eyesight test at Raleigh and, if so, when?

3. Acne - During my 'teens' I suffered from acne. I passed my medical with scarring but since it's come back on the back of my neck through exercise. Simply - is there anyone who experienced a similar issue and what was said at Raleigh? Anything is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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