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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by creddly, Apr 28, 2007.

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  1. Hi all!

    With the first rung of the recruitment ladder iminent, I have a couple of questions;

    1) - My aptitude test is on the 8th May (Just under 2 weeks away) and I was just wondering, is it possible, that the fitness test (The last step) could be within 6 weeks of this Monday?

    2) - Is it true that you get 28 days (4 weeks) to take your fitness test after being given the all clear on the Medical?

    3) - Will my main interview be on the same day as my aptitude test (If I pass) ?

    Thanks in advance :D
  2. Hey Credders
    Concentrate on your sums, this is three questions, one more than a couple.
    Best of luck
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Slim there's no a in questions :roll:
  4. Take Q1 and X by Q3 then add Q2 divide by Q1 while doing this repeat.
    "Must chill out and stop worrying."
    Creds your time will come mate.
  5. Cheers janner, now corrected my typo :)
    Go for it Credders
  6. :D :D O'Er my head hurts now NZ??? :p
    Credders good advice to stop worrying. Good Luck mate!! x
  7. Hey Credders

    My interview was a week after the aptitude test - you'll get the results on the day, discuss your options, then set a date. This gives you time to prepare for the interview which will have bits in it specific to you chosen trade.
    At the interview your told if you've been accepted straight after - then you're given your date for the medical, mine was 2 weeks after. You're also given a MOD security form to fill out, this took a while.
    You do the medical - send the results back to your CPO, and get the info for the PJFT, and yes it does have to be taken in the 28 days after your medical.

    I passed mine yesterday so now i'm just waiting for a date - i'm buzzing. So excited - it's all gone pretty quicky really once it got started.

    Good luck mate.

  8. Wow, I post, go and watch the Everton and Manu game and then come back to see 6 replies!

    I forgot this website works fast! - I like!

    Cheers everyone and thanks Nicky for the detailed answer - that helps!

    Good luck to you btw Nicky and well done for passing too!

    By the way, anyone watch this great game?

    And what made it sweeter was Chelsea only drew :lol:
  9. (Sorry for hijack)

    Nicky, what is your local office? Are you going to Caledonia? I'm not too far behind you in the selection process, might see you there :)

    Only kidding - this is a public forum - hijack away :wink:
  11. Poor Credders! Would you like me to email you a tinnie to keep you focused on the things that matter? :wink: :D Best of luck AND DON'T WORRY!

  12. Hey Credders - it all goes pretty quickly or at least at my AFCO it does ... I first stepped foot in my AFCO on March 29th and I've already completed my medical and am ready to book my PJFT. I did my test two weeks after first speaking to them, the following week I had my interview and then a week later (wednesday past) I did my medical.

    The best advice I've seen so far is not to worry, I did and it was all for nothing. Seriously mate, as long as you're prepared its a piece of cake!

    Good luck :)

  13. yup everyones right m8, just don't worry mine was apptitude test then when i passed that i had my interview the monday afterwards then as soon as i passed that i got taken upstairs for the medical lol i just have to do my PJFT on the 2nd. stop worrying and crack on with it thats my advice
  14. Hey Chris

    "Nicky, what is your local office? Are you going to Caledonia? I'm not too far behind you in the selection process, might see you there"

    I'm going throuth the AFCO in Portsmouth. I'm not going to Caledonia - to be honest i wasn't given the option but i'm in fulll time work so i'd struggle to fit it in anyway. Aiming to be in by Sept - can't do before because of holiday commitment in July and Raleigh closes for August.

    I read your blog - i'm going in as WS - still not sure if i've made the right choice after reading a few things on here. I see you've gone for CISS thats the other trade i was looking at.

  15. Nicky,

    They told me about Caledonia after the Interview. He was saying I could be up there in June, "which would fit in nicely with you going to Raleigh" (so says the CPO) - so I could be in as early as July. I was thinking about timing my notice to include a short holiday before the join date to do Caledonia - it sounds like a great idea. To be honest I just want to get in ASAP!

    I didn't know about the closing for August. I guess it makes sense due to the heat. So it's closed for all 4 weeks?
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    My understanding is that they close Afganistan and Iraq for the hotter months as well :roll: :roll:
  17. Fair point, so why is it closed then?
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    They rent the place out for the summer for school groups, pop festivals and the like to earn extra cash................ever heard of leave? :roll:
  19. Hi Creddly,

    I know you're eager mate, but try not to worry too much! It'll happen, you know that, so the time between steps should be seen as opportunity to improve on aspects of training you might struggle with. You won't get your interview on the same day as your test, but you will get to speak to your recruiting officer. With things like eye-test, medical and fitness test, I think you can pick your day (give or take). So if you're confident, do things as soon as possible. I gave myself loads of time in between. AFCOs normally welcome you to drop in for a chat or to look at resources. There's a potential recruit at mine who's joining just before me, he's always in there! The WO told me so, but they don't mind.

    Find something to do in the meantime; college course, fitness, ironing, whatever. Just do something that keeps your mind on track without making you worry too much. You eager beaver! :)
  20. Sound advice again Snappy as always!

    Thanks and thank you to everyone else too!

    Well it's just 4 days away (After today) so gotta get into the practice exercises in the next 2 days!

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