Count to a million


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Whilst I technically agree Jimbo, your the winner. Dabber's only have 10 fingers and Guzz has eight toes.

I await Ninja's judgement. :roll:
BreathingOutOnTheWayUp said:
Rumrat said:
BillyNoMates said:
Count to a million - in Urdu then.

ؤھات ا Ù„Ûاد Û٠بÛللÛچکس
Eck, doe, tee, la, char.

Now you smartarse :D
Two Six - - - HEAVE?
That was my ships book number on one ship, and when I went for main payment, the joss you'd to listen and watch me like a hawk. As if willing me to say it the wrong way. He got his wish eventually, I got 14's. :(
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