Councillors refuse to stand for war hero

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by yamyamdabber, Feb 4, 2011.

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  1. The names of the two councillors say it all.
  2. I liked the story/link to the right of the main article about the crabs being rumbled for smuggling tabs:grin:
  3. As do all of your posts.
  4. Interesting that you focus on their names rather than the well recognised stance on both Iraq and Afghanistan of their party which is not aligned to race or creed; the internet is massive but your comments can still be considered a waste of cyber space...
  5. Their stance on Iraq and Afghanistan is irrelevant where this is concerned, they should have shown respect for a very brave young man by standing.

    You may not like the content of my posts but I am as entitled as you are to air my views.
  6. Indeed they are but as mini-politiians they should have stood as they represent the public the majority of which like me are not impressed.
  7. Yes you are entitled to air your views as am I and I did. SJRM epxresses my view on it exactly. It would be impudent of me to say I served with Matt Croucher as we were in different detachments of the same unit and our paths only crossed the once; on that occasion he struck me as self-assured, focused and open. From such limited knowledge of the man I could not say with any certainty whether he took offence, but, if I had to guess at his reaction to the 'news' that these two councillors declined to stand and applaud him, I'd be surprised if he were to be setting the destination board on the outrage bus.

  8. Thank for the insight into how our political system works, most illuminating!

    No I do not live in that area as if that had anything to do with it.

  9. Why should they?
  10. Common courtesy, he was an invited guest of honour.
  11. So, given that you are now arguing your case on their position as councillors rather than their assumed cultural background, do we take it that your initial tack was ill judged and demonstrated a good dose of prejudice?

    Their obligation as councillors is to act in accordance with the policies they presented to their ward in the hope of being elected, that and to act within the law. It's interesting that people criticise politicians for not holding true to the promises and principles expressed in their manifestos but when these two do so you, amongst others, complain.

    By the way, there is nothing 'mini' about them, a councillor is a politician.
  12. Malcolm Rifkind was the guest of honour in my presence once, I didn't stand for him.
  13. Was that because you were already standing up or because he is Jewish?
  14. No I am arguing my case on both counts and as far as I am concerned councillors are mini- politicians hoping to get on-board the Westminster gravy train with the big boys.
  15. Not really as there are many politicians that I would not employ to clean my car but I am not in their parliamentary constituency.
  16. Edit: In fact, I can't be arsed. I can see where this thread is going.
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  17. I very much doubt Matt would give a flying toss if they stood up or not. Did he save his fellow marines for fame ? I think not.

  18. I am sure you are correct but that is not the matter to hand. These two represenatives failed to show respect and failed miserably where good manners are concerned. As far as I am concerned they are little better than the scum who shout abuse to our troops returning from active service.
  19. Yes quimby I also think they should of stood up as a matter of respect. It don't matter what colour or religion
    these people are, a death deserves respect.

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