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Egh up!

Heading down to my local Council Office tonight after work to switch my Council Tax payment details over to my brother (who I share a house with) so he can manage everything while Im away. Ill be asking them, but just thought Id enquire on here as well. As I’m joining up and wont technically be at home will that make us eligible for a Council Tax cut? I know we get a small amount taken out of our Navy Wages for Council Tax so I guess that’s the substitute for paying full wack at home?

Anyway, just though Id ask you guys so I got some background info before I go down there :afro:
Do you actually own the house with your brother?
If you dont it may be better to put it all in his name. That way he can claim the single persons discount, but as I believe its only 25% he will end up paying more himself, unless you are close enough to go halfers on the reduced rate with him, even though you wont be spending that much time there
Yeah we both own the house and pay towards the mortgage, Ill ask about that single persons discount. Sounds like what Im after.
Before you do that Birdy, be aware that once you finish Phase 1 training you may be eligible for Get You Home (Travel) allowance - it would appear that you will be. This would give you a sum of money, added to your pay, to enable you to travel home twice a month. Assuming you live in Hull that would give you in excess of £200 (non-taxable) per month. The catch is though, you must not only be owner or part-owner but you must have full or partial responsibility for Council Tax (and prove it). May be worth waiting until you join and visit your Unit Personnel Office.

Edit - the sum quoted is assuming you are serving in Plymouth - it will differ wherever you serve.

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