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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by brazenhussy, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. I have just recieved my 2007/08 council tax bill - it has increased, for aband C house, from £101 pcm to £148 pcm................
    now what do i get from my council??
    fortnightly rubbish pick up - 1 wk recyclable, next week household etc,
    5 police on duty overnight to cover gosport, lee on solent and stubbington,
    street cleaners - never seen em!!
    PCSO - not in my area,
    CCTV in my local shop area - ur no there blank camera's - just there for display..........................

    yep well worth the tax!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. Unfortunately Brazen many of us are in the same situation. Problem is Council Tax depends on the type of house you are in and not the number of occupants. The fairest system was the Pol Tax, however this was thrown out because those living in a house occupied by several adults suddenly realised that they had to, pay a fair share of the local taxes.

    Bring back the Poll Tax
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    you get to see coppers? wow, the only time we ever see them is sat outside the pub at kicking out time trying to nab a drink driver whilst hiding from the nasty people in the local town.
  4. Bath
    A £747.72
    B £872.34
    C £996.96
    D £1,121.58
    E £1,370.82
    F £1,620.06
    G £1,869.30
    H £2,243.16

    I'm Band C for bath bearing in mind I live in a first floor council flat
  5. Dont forget Gosports amazing crimbo lights!
  6. Bit like Bath then, as I pointed out in facts about were you live.........we have one Britain in Bloom more times than anywere else :roll:
  7. Whilst in many respects the poll tax had it's good points, it was so badly implemented that the likelyhood of a return in the next 300 years is unlikely. It's memory is so vivid Tonies boys north of the border are calling the SNP proposal to replace council tax with a fixed levy on income tax 'The New Poll Tax' despite the fact that such a tax will actually cover two of the main problems with the poll tax, firstly one must have an income to pay the tax, and secondly the bigger your income the more tax you pay
  8. Are you sure, I'm from Spalding and I thought we had! :???:
  9. But don't the current corrupt and sleazy mob (as well as their cronies in the TUC) still keep blaming this for all the problems...?

  10. Its unfortunate that the poll tax is indeed a dead duck. If we are going to get back to a fairer taxation system something need s to be done about council tax. As someone on limited income I have to manage my budget efficiently. This I can do and it annoys me that the local council can increase council tax by more than the rate of inflation, while pensions are pegged to a lower level.
  11. Whilst the flat levy on income tax removes the local accountability from 'setting the rate' it is very linked to ones ability to pay, will ensure the poorest pay little or nothing, and the very rich pay a lot, which to me seems reasonably equitable. This time we may well experiment on ourselves.
  12. I think I could be converted to this method Peter. However it would require an independent body to monitor council spending and wastage of public money.
  13. We need that monitoring however they get the money. Are you going to come up here and vote SNP then.
  14. Sorry Peter,
    My vote is registered in Wales. It will be Plaid Cymru that gets it. Protest vote as none of the main parties are credible.
  15. I support a local income tax as the fairest means to tax local people. Most council expenditure is determined by Whitehall in any event, such as teacher's pay. The present system is extremely regressive. In Bromley our council tax scale is similar to Bath's, but marginally lower. I live in a band D property and with the single person's allowance will be paying around £930 this year. For this I get my rubbish collected when I ring up and complain, or whenever the refuse services feel in the mood to collect it. Usually they collect some of the rubbish but leave the rest for weeks on end. 55% of my Council Tax is to subsidise those who are fortunate enough to be fertile and have chosen to have children, this from a council that claim that people like me 'don't contribute anything', to quote our local Mayor. :evil: :evil: :evil:

    However to put it into some perspective, the cost of my annual season ticket just so I can get to work, is £1680 a year. That and my council tax thus consume one quarter of my annual salary, after tax. Ironically, when I retire, I will be financially better off!
  16. The difficulty, as was the case when Maggie's Community Charge was hitting the streets, is that "the poorest" includes the shysters who draw the dole and work in the black economy for cash. If all the so-called unemployed who live on my family's council estate, but still have at least a car each and the latest TV, hi-fi, computer and such like were to pay their dues, we wouldn't need to rape the elderly for their savings just because they live in a big house.
  17. I live in Swindon - not had my renewal yet but did get a letter telling me it going up about 5% - as I paid just over £1000 this year to get my bin bags collected from the foot path, im hoping that for the extra 5% the bin men will be able to actually hit the back of the lorry.

    Recycling - kerb side for paper (as long as previous occupant didnt nick your recycle bin) so its a trip every couple weeks to the local supermarket car park to dump my recycling stuff

    Although Im in a private rented house (cant afford to buy) my soon to be bro-in-law and his brood live in a council house - they both work and been told their rent is going up as the Government has said they need more money from local councils to support the more run down areas of London and other big cities......
  18. Just had my new council tax bill for next year, £2,340pa (South Somerset).
    I dont get much for the money I pay so anything would be better than what we have now. I always thought that the "tax" should be collected by central govt, then everybody knows exactly who to blame when it is expensive. The way it should be based is 50% from tax and the other 50% from national insurance (ni) contributions, the reason being that once you reach state retirement age you dont pay ni so therefore saving our pensioners some money.... :grin:
  19. Those who succesfully work the black ecconomy will always evade almost all taxes where ever possible. Most of them ducked under the Poll Tax as well. The revenue has of course more motivation to collect, bonuses and promotion prospects, and has far more power to extract as well, but I admit there are still many who evade. As for the targeting of pensioners in big houses, until you end property taxes they will always be targets because that is the way the labour party and it's supporters think. They will argue the benefits to the community of forcing granny out of her family home of the last x years as a redistribution of wealth and rationaisation of land ownership.
  20. You could add 'don't have to pay tax on pensions' too .....(he says in extreme hopefulness)
    :grin: :grin:

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