Council Tax Relief

Whats the deal with lads deploying with regards to Council tax relief? Im being deployed soon and Im an outlier renting a flat with the missus.

I went into the UPO at my unit and asked about getting a rebate - they told me I can either go through them, and recieve a rebate at the end of my tour which is a flat rate OR I can go through my local council and get a full rebate of the £100 a month or so I pay... Rang the council and they pretty much sloped me off and told me it was nothing to do with them.

Whats the gen on this? Not that I'm a pessimist but I get the feeling pusser is going to see me off royally!
Yes there is an entitlement 42jim.

I can't speak for any unhelpfulness from your council, but if you do not get a rebate from them all you need to do is present either a bill for that period (thereby proving that you paid the full rate) or a letter (or other proof) stating that you have not been given a discount.

The payment will be made as a lump sum following your return.

Have a safe deployment.
never heard of the local council having anything to do with it. And i thaught the rabate was only £150 as several papers laughed at the govenment for it when it was annoucned.
With Council Tax and payments --the council will give a 25% discount
to any council tax listed property with the tenant/ payer living on their own.

So get wife to go to council and ask for appropriate forms and fill the details in. When you come back she will need to declare again that you are back.

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