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Its time to stop things like this happenning.
Many have worked all their lives to buy their homes, does this mean that they are going to lose them because there are too many lazy sods on benefits (stand fast genuine cases). Benefit claimants in many cases pay no council tax, this shortfall has to come from somewhere. can anyone enlighten me as to where. is it central government, or other council tax payers?
The only think to have benifited in this area due to much much higher council taxes over the last 10 years are the councillors wages, but then again some people are more equal than others........
The loonie left have been suggesting this for some time.

The SNP plan to do away with council tax in rturn for a 3p rise in income tax looks even better now.
The Lyons enquiry suggests lots of things which its not at all sure the government will implement. I suspect Poll Tax riots will spring to the minds of politicians before they make any decision.

I've always understood from civil service friends that one of the problems in this country re raising the money to pay for the services we need is to do with the tax bands which penalise low and middle income earners at the expense of top earners - not sure about that not being an accountant (thank goodness!).

I certainly sign up to the concept that much of local government is corrupt having witnessed the goings on from the inside for 22 years.