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Not too sure if this should go here but hey ho;

Not sure if others know this but thought I would open up a debate, council homing;

OK, so council homing is dying down in a way these days, however, if you have left the armed forces within the past 5yrs, you would have to apply for council homing in the town/county you signed up from.

I think this is appauling; take someone like me, I was sent to Oxford to sign up, now thats a good 40 miles from me (I think). Why could I not applying for this in the town I have lived and grown up in? I know it's to do with making things equal and such but what about others who have needs, would they need to travel to a different place, far from home? Be housed in a town miles from family, who would need to pop by a few times a week to, maybe help?

Not moaning, just trying to see if the government are being fair on UK citizens these days. Not sure if this is in regards to all countys but it is for Wokingham district.

Open floor people, what are your views.............
Don't start me on councils Jenny!!!

All the smiling faces or is that faeces are out and about posting leaflets stating what a wonderful job they are doing May elections are approaching fast??? I counted four sign posts in a row in the old town last I was over. Keep meaning to take a pic for the local rag. That must be about a grand wasted.

The old town are getting a good number of African and Arabic looking types walking the streets. Must be working in the many fast food healthy eating shite holes in the place.


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JD, some info for RRmembers if you want to be housed in your home town. You aply for housing (not emergancy) from the council in the town/county of your choice prior to release (points system, needs/kids/pets ect). On release go to council and say you are now homeless (living out of car/mates floor and have no where eles to go ect) the council then have to put you through as an emergancy housing requirement and in approx 1 week(depending on council/time of year) they have to show you at least three locations, BUT you as the homeless have to accept one of these offered or be put onto standard waiting list. This is not an exact sience but it has worked for me about 6 years ago, if you have friends who know the system this helps (it did for me).


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Unfortunately council housing is not what it once was. Maggie in her wisdom sold off council housing to the tenants, now I believe that this was the right thing to do and gave many the opportunity to own their house. What she did not do however was allow the councils to spend the money raised on replacement houses. So housing stock was removed and not replaced. The way council housing is allocated has also being changed. The time that you are on the housing list no longer counts for much, it is now need. This means that the ex serviceman with a family of one child is considered less needy than the foreign resident with four children. Result the housing is being allocated to foreign incomers as their need is obviously greater. Lastly the ex serviceman would be placed after the ex offender who on being released from prison will be allocated a flat due ti the need to rehabilitate him.

Don't forget it's only weeks to the council elections and only two years to the parliamentary elections. Use your vote and make it count.
Ah but going to the council to say I'm homeless, they will put you up in one of their hostals or pay for a B&B, however, with the B&B, they will only pay up to a certain amount and the resat you have to pay for. This is up to a month for a B&B. The council housing around theareas they'd re-home you around here is horrid! I'm talking about known junkies walking around, used needles and such, not a place I'd like to be.

However, if you do not meet the council housing requirements, you can go private housing, however, there is a certain requirement for that, might be a better choice is council estates round your area is [email protected]

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