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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by rickeee, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. OK who let the nutters out of their padded cells in Whitehall? or was it on the express orders of Downing ST?

    What are they thinking about? the most sensitive armanent depot in Europe and they intend to privatise it, the mind boggles at the possible scenarios that could happen: strike, work to rule, interference with weapon support systems/transport, or worse, sureley a recipe for disaster.
    (Link) courtesy of the Subreport

    Or is it all a clever ploy by Mr B giving the SNP the actual wherewithal to break away from the Union?

    Any way up it's FRIGHTENING
  2. Quote from The Herald:

    Structural changes within the Ministry of Defence mean that recruits are no longer able to pursue a career exclusively devoted to nuclear weaponry, so the Ministry fears a skills shortage."

    (My Bold)

    So they have created, or allowed this situation to arise ?deliberately?

    What a surprise.

    What next?

    Civvie catering contractors onboard ships, and M&S running the Clothing Store?
  3. Hey Capn-P

    Surely it would have to be Primark running the clothing store and the owners of the Greasy Spoon in Gosport doing the catering (or even one of those roadside cafes)
  4. Standards, dear boy, Standards.

    (I have standards. They may not be very high, but I still have standards)

    Anyway, my daughter works for M&S. (part time studenty type thing.)

    If she gets her NVQ in shelf stacking, she could work in the bedding store in Nelson without having to do that boring few weeks at RALEIGH.
  5. So it's a review, which will take 18 months. Why shouldn't they consider private sector provision as part of a review? Clearly the union have a vested interest in keeping it public sector but given the ability of many private sector firms to support an adequately cleared workforce I'm unconvinced that security is valid to raise as a concern.

    What's more of an issue is the ability of a private sector provider to maintain the skill level, if MoD can't. they still need to recruit and train people, so there is a risk of taking on a contract just where the demographic rump is about to walk out the door. You can transfer some risks, but the Authority still retains the operational risk and that needs to be a consideration in the review.
  6. It i a very long time since I worked in Coulport, but I suspect that the fact that many of those employed there never went any where near the explosive area, and worked exclusively on admin is still very much the case. I am sure that many of the posts could be carried out by contractors.
  7. It would be a novel way of stopping the Defence Storage and Distribution Agency from getting their hands on it!
  8. Shouldn't DSDA be running it anyway? They took over Gosport and other sites.
  9. Maxi 77 -- very good, but sadly civilianisation leads to mistakes/oversights such as the Board of Inquiry identified re the accident and fire recently on a UK submarine which resulted in the loss of two young submariners.

    The BOI stated quite clearly that the items were removed from a waste compound and put back into service by a civilian storekeeper.

    At Coulport we are dealing with very essential paperwork which is supporting explosive hardware, if anything akin to the above happened the outcome could be beyond comprehension- don't be lulled into thinking that civvies would not affect the weapons system THAT IS PATENTLY WRONG
  10. Civilianisation does not "lead to mistakes/oversights." Much as i'd like to keep it an RNAD there is absolutely nothing that separates a "civilian" from a MOD civil servant. From Forces personnel, definitely, but not from other civies who jst happen to work for the MOD.

    You will get accidents and incidents whoever is in charge. Quite apart from anything else, as you very well know it is a difficult and skilled job working with explosives and, in most cases, it will be exactly the same people as before, just with their employment TOSs and liabilties transferred from govt books.

    Quite frankly there is no reason why DSDA shouldn't be running it- haven't seen Kineton or Gosport going bang recently and they're massive weapons stockpiles run by civilians. If this frees up money to be spent on the front line then great.

    Oh, and apart from the admittedly large matter of it being politically/globally/environmentally sensitive buckets of instant sunshine, there is nothing very special about Trident- particularly when you consider that the levels of security checks and vetting are going to have to be exactly the same as they are now anyway. The AWE at Aldermaston is already a govt owned agency, the nuclear power stations are all independent with govt oversight. Until last night it seemed pretty certain that we were about to sell British Energy to EdF.

    Civilianisation/privatisation of things is an absolute gift for unions defending the admittedly excellent terms of service of public sector workers (in terms of pension and rights, if not salary). The fact remains that the govt cannot afford to do everything itself and privatisation of the support arms makes economic/strategic sense in that it allows us in theory to preserve the teeth arms intact.

    I'm not going to comment on the tragic events on the submarine except to say that that storekeeper presumably has a fair idea who he is and is going to have to live with himself and what he did for the rest of his life. The important word in your sentence I would suggest is not civilian but storekeeper. I.e., with the best will in the world accidents happen regardless of whether your ovies were paid for by the Queen or some corporation.
  11. Almost every one who works at Coulport is a civilian already. The extension of your argument would be that if some one in uniform cocked up for whatever reason that would be justification for contractorisation.

    Nor is it reasonable to suggest that civil serpents are some what better than contractors, look at some of the data losses they have supervised in recent years, can they be trusted with nuclear weapons.

    Over the years I have worked in service organisations and contractors organisations and at time various mixes, even including civil serpents. Some times things have gone well and sometimes not so well, and the over ridng factor in all cases has been good leadership/mamnagement.

    At the end of the day some savings can be good, and some bad, lowest cost is not always best. The real question is do the MOD have the skill and leadership to understan that and act on it?
  12. What will happen is the site will remain Govt-owned with MOD/RN still in charge - and some of the workforce will TUPE to Babcock, in all likelyhood.

    In much the same way as the Naval Bases, NBC still in charge but FSL/DML running support servces along with RN officers seconded to these companies.
  13. What if a company from one of our European trading partners (which includes Russia) bids for the job.
    Bit of a novelty that....guarding and maintaining missiles that one day may be used to re-landscape ones own country. Absurd I know........or is it!
  14. UK PLC seems to be for sale to the highest bidder.

    It wasn't so long ago that the Russians wanted to bid for Centrica. Just ask BP how they do business.
  15. I may be being a bit presumptuous, but if the SNP do half of the damage to the Labour Party that they inflicted in the Glasgow bye-election then they will be on course for some form of Independence and a non-nuclear Scotland.

    This would require Falsane-Culport and the hulks in Rosyth to move south of the Border with the bases going to Falmouth or Milford Haven which appear to be the only alternatives.

    Nutty :nemo:
  16. An alternative site ..........Londonderry.....all those jobs.....all the wealth....and maybe, just maybe, no more bloody-minded moaning??????
  17. I am not against Londonderry/Derry(just so PC) and I think its a good shout; but is it not just a tad close to the Free State's border and would they not just scream like stuck pigs.

  18. Very good point Nutty, but will it matter in the near future this load of w*nkers are likely to cede Ulster to the South, after all their record on the UK front is quite indicative of the way we are heading.
  19. Siting it all there would kill that move off and all sides would benefit. It needs positive moves to make positive progress
  20. The buggers whinge about Sellafield being too close, so God knows how they'd get on with Ballykisscoulport!

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