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Couldnt believe the response to this in our local paper!


dont know if this is the right forum, but i thought that maybe some of you would be interested in seeing the shocking responses local people gave to an article in Tauntons Gazette over the last few weeks.

The article was asking for a donation of £5 to send packages to Servicemen and Women in Afghanistan over this Christmas period, threough Support our Soldiers.

if you follow this link you will see responses from a Mr Grudge and A Mrs A....fcuking tools!

And to make matters worse, the paper has printed their Comments and have neglected to print the reponses of any one else.

For a town with the 40 Cdo base on its doorstep, I was shocked and appalled that these people are that bloody stupid....

(edited due to typing like a total mong!)


War Hero
Horrifying may be an even more appropriate word for such callous comments about the troops in that remote hell . People like that should just shut up even if they feel that way .Little wonder the troops are feeling so bad . No doubt they will learn of the response . Surprising too at the West Country , normally warm hearted souls and generous to such causes . Xmas too , sad .


Lantern Swinger
Tho the response from the wives of the service men is brilliant.
Can't believe they are F****** stingy over £5 its not much to ask as they are putting their lives at risk everyday for us.
Sweet-feet, dont worry to much it's not the standard response from Tautonians, rest assured the two people dripping don't drink in the Black Horse and people like me have fcuked thier daughters.

The Gazette is my local rag too, I would say the people of Taunton and indeed Somerset are very supportive of 40 Cdo.
As much as the two letters from Grudge and A are beyond belief, those replies left AFTER that prove what people REALLY think. They are entitled to their opinions after all, but I personally don't think much emphasis should be placed on them :)
I really liked the woman who offered the poor lady who will be working on Christmas day a doggie bag.


It was just unbelieveable!

My OH is a bootneck out in Ganners over Xmas, and i like all the other WAGS (i hate that term! ) have been running around like blue arsed fly's sending food, magazines...even Wellies(!)out to the lads and this is the 'support' we have on our door step!

dont get me wrong, we obviously dont mind doing any of this and to be honest its quite enjoyable and takes your mind off a lot of stuff and keeps our men happy! (nothing worse that a p1ssed off Royal! he he )

I notice that my response i sent wasnt posted.... i thought i'd kept it reasonable...only a few expletives and threats... !

We've always had trouble in this town though about the lads, fair enough they cause their fair amount of trouble, but we have had entire town centre club and pub bannings for the lads, their houses being trashed cars being broken into...its a fcuking joke!

does anyone else live in an area where this sort of sh1t goes on or is it just this inbred town full of retards?
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