Could this be Pontious

BBC News - Indonesia plane lands at Tabing not Padang


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Oops, guilty as charged! Sorry about that but I rarely stray into Current Affairs as it's too high-brow for me

(Having said that, I would be writing to the Editor and complaining about the incorrect use of "whose", vice "who's")

It's time for Mr Mod to produce his deleting pen and erase my sorry contribution.​

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Yep Defo him he is the Senior pilot for Sriwijaya air, and flys Boeing 737!!! Apparently he was diverting to the local Airforce airstation for a few pinkers with some old crab chums ^~
Close enough for Government work, as 'they' say and at least it was in the same country, unlike the Northwest flight that decided Belgium=Germany and Brussels=Frankfurt :???:

I think the shame in this instance is not that they landed at the wrong airport but that they fly the 737. There's some 'street cred' with the former, definitely not with the latter (like the moped and fat chick joke) ^^

I reckon a poll of Crab fast jet drivers and Linton-On-Ouse/Church Fenton students would be quite revealing when it comes to landing, or attempting to join the circuit, at Dishforth and Leeming! Senior Service would never be so dull :angel7:
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