Could it be any slower in here?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by xian_warrior, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. I got pinged with an invite to pop over to RR and join in with the side splitting banter and jolly japes.

    Verdict? Could it be any slower in here? Where's the world famous Jack humour you lot are always going on about?

    At this rate I might just see some life by, say, 2010????

    Come on, wake up!

  2. Think the problem is that the site has been taken over by wannabes who ask bone questions about how to join, what ironing board to take to Raleigh ad nauseum.

    Bottom line is that people can't be arsed to log on and make comments anymore!!
  3. Have you tried Diamond Lils and the Gash Barge yet?
  4. ooooooooo get you, been here 5 minutes and nagging us oldies already!!!
    please give the meds time to take effect and im sure you will soon be slated for being such a checky young pup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    xxCatssxx :rofl:
  5. Now that's a bit more like it. If Iam a young pup then I am sure you can teach me a few things!!!!!

  6. Kinell watch what you wish for with young Josie and her gimp suit!!
  7. There's always a place for stuff like that but..... ^_^;
  8. Young pup?

    Young pratt more like!

    Ooh hang on a mo, sorry wrong thread!
  9. Ah, your just bitter because you know Iam right. My grandma has seen more action than RR at the moment.
  10. OI you, watch it..

    well X.W. if you want some real banter check out the chat room ( when theres someone in there of course!!)
  11. Maybe I will sweet cheeks. Do they bight? Are they nice?
  12. We only bite if you ask nicely !!!!!!!!!

    most of the time its pretty cool and you can have a great laugh, just depends whoes suffering from PMT that week!!!!

    if you want to chat, put out the call and most of the time you will get a answer. well MOST of the time!!!! HONEST!!!
  13. Thanks, I'll pop in some time. Now, what does a guy have to do to get a little banter going?

    Any hot topics in RR at the moment? Who's cool and who's hot? Anyone I should be wary of? Which MOD to warm up and which one to leave alone?

    Come on people - info info info?

    Me, annoying? Nah :thanks:
  14. Got too agree ...... a few more "sea stories" thats whats required - mind you those that try almost always get "shot down" - meanwhile up the geriatrics
  15. We could say your grandma has seen more action than most of the armed forces combined so that's not a fair comparison, but that would just be bitchy..... :thumright:
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Dont tell me it was HIS grandma in Heffs the other night?? Well, she was good, did she get her teeth back? :dwarf:
  17. Xian Warriors granny saw me down at the Meridian at lunchtime and asked if you could get her knickers back to her as well Blobs, her other pairs in the wash.
  18. Ah, some of the Jack Humour we've been hearing about all these years. Well, it's good but needs a little polish.

    For the record, my grandma accepts all of the above but feels a little more digging should be done. I hear she used to kick some Royal butt during drinking games in Joanna's whilst you Navy types supped shandy tops?

    Just what I'd heard...
  19. What? we have to dig her up first before we have our fun....sod that, that's too much like hard work for Jack!

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