Could I Work In Lympstone?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by BobbyP, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. I havent got the qualifications to become an officer however I was wondering if after completing my training and having done my first tour and specialized if I would be able to Work in Lympstone?

    Also what are your views on working there? Would you rather be out in the field?
  2. There are some nice views and fields along the south fence although I always prefered a bed myself. I think you should specialise as a CH3 and then you can work at Smelly Farm or the dairy in the dip!

    Hope that helps!!

  3. I suppose they need somebody to empty the gash bins and sweep the roads,so the answer is possibly YES!
  4. What a cnut! I cannot believe you wrote that (neither can anyone else - Ed.). Try not to think too far ahead and you will be fine. Good luck! :thumright:
  5. Local int suggests that the "Pot Wash" in the Puffing Billy is thinking of wrapping his hand in and joining the Nutwell Lodge, if you don't go for it you'll never know.
  7. The grass needs a trim behind the railway station. Bring your cordless clippers.
  8. Or use your teeth!! :thumright:
  9. :salut: :thumright:

    That'll be good practice for munching some gronks rug in Exeter after too many wets!
  10. You know mate i thought about posting something much along the same lines. We must be psychopathetic!! :thumright:
  11. Maybe it's cos I've been working in London the last few weeks, and I've picked up the XRD cockney humour! :thumright: Though I never went Sarf of the River! ^~
  12. Most are only to happy to pass out and stay away as long as possible.
    Some love the place, they also tend towards BDSM dungeons for their sexual needs.

    I'm talking PTIs here obviously, although PWs and DIs...??
  13. I have never thought of it like that. I thought my love of mild bondage and CFNM was a conscious manifestation brought about by my having Stockholm Syndrome. Perhaps my time as a PW* - taking my kit off in Sam's, climbing in and out of Wrens quarters, etc - helped to reinforce my desire to be naked in front of clothed women? I do hope so :dwarf:

    *Bergen and XRD, the barstewards, would probably say it should read 'PoW' :w00t:
  14. I would never dream of it mate, dont forget you indirectly inspired me to go and get my green lid!! :thumright:
  15. Nice to know you acknowledge my skills as a humourous Londoner. However i now live in the Midlands which is a place i would far rather be thanks very much even though the missus has that FCUKING MINGING brummie accent!! :thumright:
  16. lol of course you can work at lympestone young man, just try Here or here
  17. We have a fine accent thank you :thanks:
  18. mate your deluding yourself!!
  19. Compered to whom! LLoyd Grossman!

    Mind I would sooner listen to a Brummie accent than "OUR CILLA" OR Jennifer Ellison :pukel:
  20. Our accent is fine. :rambo: Geordie is the worse or cockney. Cant understand a word most of them are saying.


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