Could I join the USMC?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Nails, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. Right, I've decided. I want to join the USMC and not the Royal marines. Could I do this even though I'm not American?
  2. errrm not sure, i was under the impression that you could join any nato countries armed forces, excluding things like aircrew. and secondly, why?
  3. To be honest, the main reason is because I am left handed and left eye domminant and you can't shoot a rifle from the left shoulder in any of the british forces. Also, the americans equip their soldiers better and I like their ethos and training philosophy more.
  4. i swear i have seen photos of booties with m16's...
  5. hey u want to join the USMC but you have a soviet union flag as your avatar, are you a spy? Commie lol ;)
  6. Go on Nails join the USMC get the septics back for all the friendly fire they've inflicted on us.
  7. Why not ask on some USMC forums? cnut.
  8. Dear lord people, stop feeding it! It'll go away soon
  9. "Enlistment into any branch of the U.S. military, by citizens of countries other than the United States is limited to those foreign nationals who are legally residing in the United States and possess a Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services Alien Registration Card (INS Form I-151/551 - commonly known as a "Green Card".

    Imagine how disappointed the Royal Marines would be to see you go, though, Nails ...................

  10. '' And it's one two three what are we fighting for ?
    don't ask me I don't give a damn, next stop is Afghanistan
    and it's five six seven open up those pearly gates
    ain't no time to wonder why, whoopee we're all gonna die''
  11. Snail.........please emigrate.
  12. Yes Fcuk off.

    And no I'm not dyslexic,...just plain nasty.
  13. ATC or CCF might be more up your street
  14. Well you're certainly a jar head
  15. Is there ANY service you haven't considered joining ? Try the Salvation Army, I hear they're recruiting.
  16. You would first need to learn the words and be able to sing La Marseillaise.
  17. Surely 'The Star Spangled Banner'?
    Nails as you're a big lad, or so I imagine picturing you knocking out hundreds of reps with max weights on down at the gym and of course a bit of 'roid help, I'm sure the USMC will waive the citizenship rules and regs and get you onboard sharpish.
    May I suggest that you venture down to St Johns Wood in London and frequent some of the local pubs, look out for shaven headed knuckle draggers wearing T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies or jackets emblazoned with the Globe and Foul Anchor or Devil Dogs and I'm sure you'll be made welcome if you bellow "Semper Fi [email protected]#!%$, Sir, yes Sir." at the top of your voice.
  18. Im sure you have to be a American Citizen
  19. I was hoping to gain US citizenry thru fighting for the US. A bit like how the Ghurkas do it here.
  20. Obvious troll is obvious.

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