could i be sent home for being underweight

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jaydemarie00, May 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi im just curious if anyone knows the general weight requirements at raleigh

    my CA at AFCO mentioned my weight as i was weighed at 6 stone on my last pre fitness test which he told me i need to put some weight on as this may be a problem.

    I have managed to put some weight on but being naturaly small as it is im finding it realy hard to manage to get up to 7 stone and i cant imagine im going to put any more weight on within a week as this is when im leaving.

    dont get me wrong i have tried my best to put weight on but its a long and hard process as i have always been naturaly underweight.

    but if anyone could help me on the subject as my CA didnt realy answer my questions when i asked him if i would be sent home because of it.
  2. A weeks R & R in McDonalds may help!!!!
  3. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    F*** me! I wish I had something approaching that problem :) I hope you are able to bulk up a bit JD and successful in your application.
  4. What height are you? Male or female? Just to work out your BMI. This is the scale they look at.
  5. Yes, you could be sent home. You are at massive risk of muscular or bony injury during the rigours of basic military training.

    Go to the gym, speak to a trainer. Address what you eat and what type of phys you do.

    This is potentially a problem.
  6. Probably not a good long term option but have heard actors eating lots of bread,potatoes,pasta lots of high carb foods.I assume that your doing some running,swimming etc which will be burning a lot of calories so you may need to intake more calories than your burning.Are you eating 3 whole meals a day or 1 main meal and lots of snacking inbetween?
  7. i did that one site told me i was normal weight and another told me i was underweight so i dont have a clue which one to go by but im 5'2 and female

    i have been going to the gym for several months now and had an ex marine fitness instructor, he told me i need to be eating twice as much (which i have done) and put me on the weights. i managed to gain a quater of a stone but aside from that i havent managed to gain anymore in the time i have.

    so im guessing im going to be sent home then.. briliant
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  8. i eat 3 meals a day i have waffles hashbrowns and things for breakfast, sandwitches crisps chocolate then for dinner big heavy meals but im just ending up feeling sick and not seing any results
  9. Don't be so easy giving in. Until you get there, you never know. Good luck.
  10. You could go out with me for a couple of months. On past experience that guarantees you turning into a fat mess after a while.

    Or, ask your GP or a personal trainer for advice. This may sound bizarre, but a lad I knew needed to put on weight in order to box at middleweight. His solution was to drink tinned slim fast shakes in between meals and he packed it on.
  11. I would calculate that you're very underweight hun. 6st 4lb (having said that you were previously 6st, and have gained a quarter of a stone) and 5ft 2" tall puts you at around 16 BMI. Healthy scale begins around 18 - 25. Which is underweight on which ever calculator you use. What weight were you at your medical? Did they not flag this up then? As a parent, if my daughter were that weight going to do military tyraining, I'd have my worries I'm afraid. I've been through basic (when it was a girly version too!), and it's tough going. 6 stone puts you at risk of so many injuries. It's quite serious so I would talk direct with your AFCO again about this. You will be doing calorie burning activity morning til night, you are likely to loose weight during basic, no matter how much you try to eat whilst you're there(wish they'd take me back for a few weeks I tell you!). Don't ignore this, try to find out as much as you can before you get there.
  12. i might just go to my doctors only thing is i only have a week left now so i doubt i could put it all on in a week o thought muscle might be the quickest and easiest way for me to put weight on as muscle is heavier than fat. but still i dont think i can get any musclier in just a week.
  13. I have a gym in my cellar. Interested?
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  14. when i did my medical which was 2 years ago i was doing a public services course and was at 7 stone but after that i hadnt been doing fitness for around a year and lost all the weight (strange i know but if i do nothing i loose weight wheras if i exersize i put it on)
    well i have asked my CA twice and all he keeps saying to me is it might be a problem just eat loads of crap but thats no help at all. it would just be abit crap if i get sent home after waiting 2 years to be here just because i cant put enough wait on
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  15. I would cut out the chocolate bars,crisps (any food from macds,kfc) although these foods are high in saturated fats they will also decrease your appetite for the big meals and probably leading you to feel sickly.maybe substitute these with protein shakes.good luck.
  16. I just mentioned this to my other half. And his answer was 'Lend her a pair of your lead lined knickers love'. Every time I gain weight I blame it on the fact that I'm wearing my heaviest knickers at weigh in. Seriously though, there's only a week to go til basic. If you can get hold of a Navy doctor in that time, to reassure yourself then do so. But if not, don't worry about things you can't change. You'll get there, you'll see what's what. Getting upset now, can't change what'll happen in a weeks time. Optimist or pessimist (sp?), the outcome will be the same but you'll have a nicer week if you're an optimist. Best of luck with your basic, try your best, do what they tell you - and always lock your locker!!
  17. well i was going to try this but i couldnt afford the shakes. i only have a week left until i go raleigh so i doubt im going to put anymore weight on i think it would be impossible to put 3 quaters of a stone on in a week.
    so it looks like i may have a problem
  18. Jaydemarie00,

    Two years at RR Today = 'Happy Birthday'. . . . . . yet it is little worrying that you have only come up with this question/potential problem with only a week to go before you are due join HMS RALEIGH!! :violent1:

    If I were you then I would seriously consider getting along to that AFCO asap and tell them of your concerns and precisely what you weigh NOW.

    Then - if your weight is not enough for the RN, or he has any doubts - you should be able to postpone your entry by a few months to give you a proper chance to complete a regulated programme of bulking-up whilst still maintaining your fitness standards.

    There is a slim chance (pun unintended) that you may be accepted and even withstand the rigours of Part 1, but the alternative of being discharged after only a couple of days would probably mean a whole year before re-applying for entry.

    As I see it the only crumb of good news here is that if you are sent won't take you long to get there, will it now?

    Best of luck and remember to let us know at RR whichever way the errm, cookie crumbles......

  19. thankyou i will try to find a navy doctor and see what they say about it
  20. well during the whole time i knew it would be a problem i was prety much trying to eat as much as possible and do as much weights as possible i guess i will ring up AFCO today and ask about it but i expect hes still going to reply with the same asnwer but its worth a try

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