Could I be given my PRNC and Raleigh dates soon?

Hi it has took me just over 1 and a half months to get to the first fitness test, I think this has gone quite quickly? Does this mean if I pass my fitness test I could be receiving dates for my PRNC soon or do they just speed you up through all the other tests to get you to this stage? (Going in as a sea spec) thank you!


I've recently (July) got both joining date, then PRNC. Assuming you've completed all your Application stages, you should soon receive a phone call from your AFCO, regarding SC (Security Clearance). However I'm guessing you haven't done your SC. You do need to do a SC It should be pretty quick if you've never had any troubles, your AFCO will sort this out for you. I got my dates as soon as my SC was completed. Once the SC is complete you should be given your Joining date then PRNC date, hopefully this helps.

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