Could hospital cat be angel of death?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. It looks evil as well. Shoot the fcuking moggy.
  2. Great can I borrow him to send to the neighbour
  3. My guess is that the cat likes to curl up on the warm blankets they put on people who are about to cross the bar.
  4. It's the spawn of Satan, burn the cat.
  5. Skin it and hang the pelt over the front door to warn off others.
  6. We had a dad would kick out if it got anywhere near him so cat would dis appear under the kitchen table when he came in from work.

    One night cat came over while dad was having a snooze and sat on his feet, when he woke he did not lash out he just said to me mam,
    ''Look at this bloody cat mother''
    Next day he was using an extendable steel ladder to remove a tarp from a stack of straw and hit an overhead 40.000 volt cable....brown bread and only yes cats do have foresight.

  7. Reincarnation..............

    Harold Shipmans come back as a Pussy, he was a cnut when he was alive he's just got the terminology wrong :angel12:
  8. My cat is twenty five this year I believe the world record is thirty six.

    Savaged three postmen and two paper boys is this a world record??
  9. Savaged three postmen and two paper boys is this a world record??[/quote]

    No BP. it's a catastrophy!!

    Keep Striving
  10. Maybe it has poisonous breath.

    Very spooky though.

  11. You are a bunch of miserable old gits. You of all people Dondon should know that when your time is up there is not a lot that can be done.

    I for one would find it comforting that the cat had come to be with me as I pass into the next world.

    I do not find it spooky SF, my cat knows when I am coming home, the Po Stoker says they often rise from their cattie slumbers minutes before my car pulls up. He can use it as an indication when to put the kettle on. Other cat owners have told me similar stories.
  12. That's 'cos of your driving, Rosy, crashing into all those cars and knocking dustbins over. Bound to wake the cat up. :mrgreen:
  13. Got to admit cats are canny animals. My moggie used to meet me as I cylcled home from Excellent. She would sit on a wall about half a mile from where I lived and wait for me. She also had a penchant for dogs bollox. We had a telegraph pole just by the front gate. Suki got used to the various pooches that cocked their legs. So as they hopped away on three legs they would let out a yelp. Suki would brush her claws on her fur and then walk down the garden path with a satisfied grin.

    Semper Strenuissima.
  14. rosie - my apologies for offending cat-kind. Seriously though, the wifes cat (cause I have nothing to do with it) ... bloody hige beastie (Maine Coon) runs like a dog to the front door when she is coming home and sits there wagging its tail.

    Other bad habits include jumping on the sofa or bed and causing a ripple effect which is guaranteed to knock us off if we don't hold on tight. Like I said - bloody huge thing.

    On the bright side it hasn't killed anyone yet.


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