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Cost of training


I'm not sure anyone's actually asked this before but...
Does anyone know exactly/roughly the cost to the MOD it takes to put a sailor through 10 weeks @ Raleigh, and furthermore, the cost to the MOD to put an officer through just Dartmouth (I understand phase 2 officer training is probably quite a lot dependant on which branch). Also how about Reservists; not including pay in these costs.
I understand there's reasoning to why the MOD hasn't released this info but if anyone has any rough idea, maybe Ninja?
Thanks, ol' sea dogs

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For reservists, I seem to recall SABRE quoting around £2,000 for the initial naval training rating package, and £12,000 for officers.

This was a few years ago, I haven't managed to find the 2017 figures yet.
The old Sabre figures are about "value" not "cost" - ironic given the quote is normally about bean counters knowing "the cost of everything and value of nothing".

In other words it is calculated at what it would cost a civvy employer to give you the workplace applicable skills the RNR provides. It has no relevance to the cost of providing the training itself.

In terms of value it would be interesting to know what the current rate is for nations that pay for foreign officers that go through Dartmouth. That again won't be equivalent to the cost of delivering the training.
One of the Saudi guys I trained with reckoned his country was paying about 100k a term for his training, so 200k, for INT (O). The Omanis apparently weren't paying at all, presumably their training was part of a bigger deal, a buy 10 tanks get one place at BRNC free! type thing.

There are other internationals at BRNC too on English language courses and whats called pre-INT (O) and then some on Plymouth university courses who've passed out too. Some internationals spend 3 or 4 years at the college. It's rumored that what the internationals pay pretty much covers the cost of training our YOs, no idea how true that is.
Not sure how much sailors cost per head to get through training and, to be honest, it's one of those queries that you could add the cost of recruitment, advertising, medicals, heating, uniform, food, equipment, infrastructure maintenance (and construction), training and medical staff wages, lighting, training wastage, etc, etc.

I remember seeing the figure of about £90K for every trained rank Royal Marine a few years back.

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