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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Matt88, Feb 18, 2015.

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  1. Hey can I ask how much the navy takes out of your pay for accommodation ( I believe this is free when at sea)? Also what gets taken from your pay for food? I believe it's pay as you dine?
  2. You don't pay in Phase 1, PAYD thereafter.

    You ask a lot of questions on many threads Matt, have you been to an AFCO to ask all of this?
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    Wrecks I'm guessing that the answer to your question is no, AFCO would want you to be older than 12
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  4. 1) Accommodation is free in certain circumstances. There's a myriad of things for when you pay/don't pay but it can be summed up as: on ship = free; ashore and on course = pay.

    2) Phase 1 will take out amost £5 per day for food (I'm aware it's less, but AFPRB is pretty close to being announced). ALL Naval establishments are PAYD, 97% of RAF units are PAYD and 70% of Army units are PAYD. So, depending on your branch, you could be lucky and posted to a "Tri" Service unit, run by the army, and you'll have the privilege of being charged for food that's worse than what gets offered at PAYD (personal experience speaking here).
  5. I (probably unhealthily if you believe the propaganda), only really eat 1 big meal a day, and hardly every bother with breakfast. Therefore, pre-PAYD, I used to feel seen off that I was paying for food that I wasn't eating. And let's be honest, at RN establishments at least, the food wasn't great.

    PAYD is much better for me financially, as I have a choice where to go for my evening scran, and don't get charged for food I'm not eating. The PAYD food at the (RAF & Army) recent bases I've worked at isn't bad at all; maybe it's a bit more portion controlled than before, but that's not a bad thing (no 'round-the-buoy' for the fat ChOps(R's) et al).

    RAF Digby isn't PAYD. That's the only place I've visited in recent years that isn't.
  6. You're not a million miles from Chicksands. The food there remains mostly unidentifiable, even with the labels.
  7. I haven't no I was under the impression that the recruitment process was all online now?
  8. How much is PAYD per siting then?
  9. Why are you asking? It will be years before you get in and by then the prices will have increased
  10. Years? some of the waiting lists are quite short now.
  11. Just wondered how subsidised it was
  12. It Aint!
  13. No it's not online, the interview would be a bit difficult for starters, as would taking the RT exam.

    Even if it was online, it wouldn't be on here.
  14. Every entry has a lower deck lawyer, I think we have found his

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    Budget that in PAYD and you can't go far wrong.

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