With the fleet at a low point of 19 destroyers and frigates would it be a wise Idea for the Navy to start on smaller ship types such as corvettes and the ambassador mk3 missile boat to bolster the size. These ships offer good fire power with smaller crews.


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Its been a while since I've had to write in non pc English
Don' t worry, just taking the piss ;)

The type numbers question has been asked before but i can't remember the definitive answer.
I think it's something to do with designs appearing on the drawing board but never reaching the building stage, rather like the leap from the 4.5" Mk6 to the 4.5" Mk8 without a Mk7 in between.
It gets even more confusing with destroyer type numbers - 82, 42, 45 :confused: :D

Having said all that, I'm happy to be corrected if anyone knows the proper answer.