Corruption in FIFA

Everybody has their own opinion on what has happened within FIFA over the last couple of weeks, the tabloids seem to think that the corruption within FIFA is the reason that England failed in their recent World Cup bid, but when you get a quote from the Argentinian member (see below) then you can't help but wonder what is happening in Zurich

'Grondona called England 'pirates' and added: 'With the English [2018 World Cup] bid I said: Let us be brief. If you give back the Falkland Islands, which belong to us, you will get my vote. They then became sad and left.'

Read more: FIFA members criticise English FA as Sepp Blatter given presidential green light | Mail Online

Of course some of the quotes from Joe Public have said that we should withdraw from FIFA and even boycott the next World Cup, but with the amount of money and endorsement contracts with players, this would never be allowed to happen.

So what happens is the football world is shackled for another four years with Sepp Blatter who was the only runner for president, a man who according to the press was aware of illegal payments paid to Football Associations.

if this was a North African despot the local populace in this day and age would be rioting in the street.


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There is an element of truth in what the people who attack the FA for their stand say. I would be safe to bet that had England been successful in getting the World Cup in 2018 there would have been absolutely no mention of corruption from the FA.

FIFA works to different standards to those we have in this country. Many of the countries that make up FIFA don't see this as corruption, but as a way of doing business.

Now I am not saying that they are right, and I think that FIFA needs to clean its house, but as the saying goes - turkeys ain't going to vote for Christmas - so don't hold your breath waiting for change.

Remember that this is Blatter's last term in (official) office and that his successor is waiting in the wings, quietly, ready to take over. This is a younger man who is made in the mould of Sepp Blatter so there will be no major changes at FIFA other than where the influence goes. That man is Michel Platini - not a particular friend of the FA.

One thing is certain - England can forget about hosting the World Cup, or any competition which FIFA has influence in for the foreseeable future.
Don't think it matters a jot...It's not as if England could even field a decent football team. In the last world cup, I've seen ships field better players than we did. And they didn't cry when they lost or blame the off watch crew for not supporting them. England shouldn't dream of hosting a World Cup until we have some half decent players.
Just a smidgeon off thread there Trelawney I would suggest.

The issue isn't about the merits or otherwise of our playing ability or whether or not we deserved to win the contest to host the World Cup, it is about the lack of transparency of FIFA in general and the growing bank of evidence that certain member countries and their representatives may have "flexible standards of integrity".

Unless and until there is a proper investigation these allegations are just going to blossom and until they are proven they will do as much harm to the accuser as to the assused. If the English FA are sure that there has been widespread corruption at various stages then they need to present hard evidence - it shouldn't be difficult to find in light of the disclosures over the past few weeks.
I still think the obscene amount of money connected to 'paid football' comes out of gangsters laundries!....You cannot stretch, even limited, imaginations that teams of 22 divas could generate the income that is on show in today's industrial football??

Being lawful is getting to be a bit 'Christian'.....standby Gladiators and Lions!!!!!!
The English FA having considerable funds at its disposal does not rely on handouts from FIFA to run football in this country but many poorer countries in the developing world are not so well blessed.Consequently they will not bite the hand that feeds them however obvious the corruption appears until they are sure they will not lose out financially.I couldn't give a toss whether the World Cup ever comes to the UK.I saw it the last time round in 1966 and that was enough for me.
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