Correct way to wear medals

Discussion in 'History' started by letthecatoutofthebag, Nov 13, 2006.

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  2. I agree mate,
    I work in a predominantly Army unit, and I got my medals court mounted like my colleagues, but got picked up by someone more senior to me, I've since had them change back.

    they don't look as smart I'll agree, but they make a nicer clinking sound when you walk though. :)
  3. Court mounting is now legal in the RN. All the CT staff have had theirs done to save on wear and tear. The "Some one senior" who picked you up is wrong. Refer them to BR 81.

    Once upon a time the only RN people alowed to have theirs court mounted were Officers serving in Court, ADCs etc, and people with a lot of medals who could have them court mounted and overlapping. This all changed about 5 years ago. Naval traditionalists will always prefer to have medals mounted "Loose" but they are no longer backed up by regulations.
  4. Having your medals swing mounted is cheaper. the trend towards court mounting is probably down to the fact that its no longer unusual for a matelot to have 4 or more medals. I started getting mine court mounted when I hit 4.
    Prior to 91 it was extremely rare to see a matelot with more than 2 medals, so swing mounting was the norm.
  5. You're lucky, in Canada the grunts have shoved court mounting down our throats and now it's mandatory. That being said, the Queen picks up the tab. We also had to move them down over our breast pockets like the Yanks. Jesus wept.
  6. As far as I know you can get them court mounted at Crown expense if you have 7 or more

    The tailors in Nelson charges a fortune and won't let you pay the difference between what they get from slops for swing mounting and the price of court mounting.

    There is a place in Bournemouth or .com who charge about 4 quid per medal to court mount
  7. Comms, as I said, you can now have them court mounted. Even just one. It has been added to the end of the paragraph in BR91 that starts with "All medals must be mounted loose." Yes it contradicts it self in true Naval Fashion. But as I said you can now do it. (Can I have my avatar ones court mounted now, please?)
  8. Got my six court mounted last year as they were getting trashed. The pusser gave me a chit for slops, then i had to pay £3 per medal on top. Personally it looks smart & its well worth it, It maybe free now - not sure. Number seven is inbound, i think it will be free to mount anyway, what £3...

    Bad drafting i know, or even not a sea dodger!!!
  9. Not looked at this thread for a while, but it's too late now anyway, already been re-mounted to swing. It was someone with a lot more gold on his sleeve than me who picked me up, can't really say on here who as it wouldn't be fair, I'm sure he believed himself to be correct.
  10. Hey, if he had that much gold of course he was correct. Life in a blue suit!
  11. Absolutely DI.

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