Correct attire for Pre-joining brief

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by stealthmode, Apr 29, 2007.

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  1. I am due to attend my pre joining brief on 9th of may, and have been wondering what to wear, I've been suited & booted throughout all stages of my application so far apart from when I first went into the AFCO for a chat. Should I go in a suit, or would it now be acceptable to turn up smart/casual i.e jeans etc?

    also I've not heard anything since I sent back the "I accept" bit of paper and the clothes sizing chart, despite the enclosed letter stating that I would be contacted "in due course", is this normal?.
  2. Which Service RN or RM?
    For the Navy I would suggest something formal, Dior does a lovely Ball Gown, blue of course.
    If your joining the Corps then a Karl Lagerfeld LBD should hit the spot quite nicely
    Don't forget whichever branch you're up for accessorise accessorise accessorise
    Best of luck
  3. it's for the RN,

    see, I was thinking about a Christian Lacroix haute couture piece..., but I Suppose i'll take a gamble on some jeans
  4. Yes best not to reveal all your sartorial elegance at once, the serving bods will only get jealous.
  5. Just dont wear a blindfold or carry a plastic machine gun :wink: some nice suits from an Iranian source available on e-bay I hear :p
  6. Smart casual!

    Edit: Smart casual at least. You've looked smart so far, may as well keep it up!
  7. Ive got mine on 13 June Mate. I did ask my careers advisor over the phone. She said there will be no need to dress formally, however, thats my careers advisor. Just ring and ask, s/he will appreciate your maturity.

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