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Corps of Specialists, not Corps of Infantry.

A few years ago i remarked to a visiting brigadier that it was rubbish that all the blokes were getting pinged out of training to be chefs, VMs, Signallers, drivers etc... and doing no Cdo unit time. The system has changed recently such that now everyone gets their GD tour in. However it has just deferred the 'ping' to 12 months down the line.

Blokes are still getting pinged for specialisations they are not interested in, and di not join to do. We have a minor recruiting problem - but a major retention issue. How are we going to solve this when the Marines continue to recruit on the basis of being a elite Corps of infantry then employ young marines as clerks, drivers and chefs (All good SQs but pehaps not the best use of a Cdo trained soldier).

I would go for a radical solution. A two tier training system. Infantry and specialists. Infantry retain the Cdo qualification, specialists do not.


War Hero
That is an interesting idea.

What about keeping the Commando infantry as now, but still allowing the option of specialising for those who are interested, while allowing Army and RN chefs, writers etc to do the AACC?
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