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Just got back from the parade to unveil the memorial wall at CTCRM, fantastic parade and a very fitting tribute to fallen comrades.

The memorial has been designed to look like the rock of Gib, and is built in sections to represent a section of men, with a gap in the middle to represent the missing man. It is an impressive wall, made of grey granite and stands at the edge of the parade ground (the end opposite the drill shed), but a little bit down the hill. Like I say the whole parade was a very fitting tribute and the wall looks very impressive.

I was hoping that some pictures would have made it into the online press by now but nothing's showing up so far .......

Perhaps they will run them tomorrow.
I attended the RMA reunion on Sunday 27th September for the dedication of the wall of remembrance it's a monument to the courage of those of our brothers who fell in the line of duty,and what better place to put a memorial than in the home of the commando training centre.

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