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Am currently at a crossroads in my life where although i want to stay in the corps, im not sure what i want to do in it. I am thinking quite seriously about corp commission (turning to the dark side) and would like some info on it please. Also i dont want to do that short senior commission thing, i would prefer to do full YO training and join as a boss of a rifle troop.

What education quals do i need?
What is the age limits for corps commission?
As i would be married when i start training, would my future mrs m be able to continue living in the married patch?
and finally, who the hell would i speak to to start the ball rolling?

pm me if you need more details, or even if you have details of someone to speak to

much appreciated


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Aye im gonna, but i just wanted to see if anyone on here knew anything which would maybe save me time asking (and looking like a nobber if i did approach them only to find out that i wasnt eligible)


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Jeez mate, you want to do 12 months at the box from day one again? much respect for even contemplating it. Do as luke suggests or even your company commander as he's a few more years out of the box than your boss so might look back fondly on it and think it's a good idea. Whatever you chose, good luck.
Have a word with the Doc too, your meds need upping.
Go for it young thruster, don't worry about looking a berk, worry about thinking back in 4-5 years time that you didn't do it.
No Boss should be worried that his men want to get on in their careers, even if your not Ossifer material it shows you're keen and while I'm always ready to take the pish out of a keen man they're the ones who get the job done.
Crack on.


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From within the Corps, if below the age of 26 & in possession of 5 GCSE's A*-C (including maths & English), you are academically qualified to undergo Officer Selection & undertake the full 14 month course. Be aware however, that in most cases you close the door to reverting to Other Rank if you fail training. (Yes, there have been exceptions, but very few.)

If over 26, same qualifications as Corps Commission. If selected you then undertake the shorter (8 months, when I last looked) Senior Corps Commission & become employed in the support role rather than as the boss of a rifle company/troop.
If you think you are up to it go for it. Good luck but the penalty for failure is high and therefore not an option. Be sure before you apply.
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