coronation street sh*te uniforms

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by shag_shacker, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. surely corrie (my missus was watching it - not me) could get someone to advise them on something as simple as teh correct uniform. Jason ( i believe that that is his name) had an RN tropical suit on with some shit scrambled egg around the arms and the same around his hat.

    he then combind that with Cdr epaulettes.

  2. Yer - right! :wink: :roll:
  3. I heard that Thingy went all a quiver whilst watching it. :)
  4. I would sympathise with you, but ITV was never trying to suggest that Jason actually was a sailor. He was in fancy dress. Fancy dress doesn't have to be accurate, it just needs to imitate.

    Or so my missus told me ('cos I didn't watch the show neither!) :lol:
  5. i thought he was trying to imitate dick gere in some crap chick flick. as my boss says - if your going to do a job for fecks sake do it properly
  6. Its a tv program and if you went to a fancy dress shop for a one off thats what you end up with. If you want to spend a fortune and went to Gieves and Hawkes you could end up with the real thing. IT AINT REAL!!!!!!!!
  7. Hey TIM. What to you think about it?
  8. I don't watch it.
  9. That's odd, your lack of knowledge on most other subjects doesn't stop you gobbing off.

    Back on thread, have you seen that Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band cover by those Beatles, you know that skiffle band with those new fangled electrical banjoes? Walting or what? :roll:

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