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Corona Virus


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Outside 'The Swan' in Derby apparently :D



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This is the way to do it! It might seem a bit Draconian, but, 'them's the rules' and everyone knows them.

Background to the story: Motril is about 5 minutes from me and Al Campo (Auchan in France) is a huge supermarket, where lots of folk go, us included. BUT - it involves travelling from one town/municipality to another - which is currently forbidden. We are not allowed to go to the nearest supermarket as it is actually in the town 'next door'. The town in question has shut off all access roads except one, which is guarded by the Guardia Civil or Policia Local.



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Deliveroo will still operate during the lockdown, so.....
I'm ordering an 800kg dumpy bag of sand and ballast so I can put in a nice new patio and will be requesting that Deliveroo bring it to me as they are a cheaper alternative to Travis Perkins delivery charges.
Only too happy to help people stay fit and healthy during our next lockdown.


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Thanks to all the selfish idiots, we are going back into almost 100% lockdown from midnight tonight. One of these idiots was in quarantine, having tested positive for Covid 19, but felt it was essential to go out to a local car-wash. He thus earned himself a 3000 euro fine. On the other side of the coin, a friend who was very seriously ill seems to not consider her weakened immune system and is going to places we will not consider at the moment.

It is only the province of Granada, where the numbers are pretty bad, that is 'locking down'. The Junta wanted a full lockdown, however, that option is not currently legal/authorised by the Government. The restrictions are harsh, but not so bad as the 'real' lockdown.

We are nipping out later for some peat, plants and paint so that we have plenty to keep us occupied. Again!

No need to buy gin, as I was given several bottles for my birthday! (And we've just been shopping in Gib!!)


War Hero
Peat for the garden - too hot here to burn it!

I went to the garden centre for peat and plants. As they also sell fertilizer and weedkiller and other stuff, they are 'essential' and so will remain open.

I went to the local ironmonger for some paint. As they sell shovels and screws and stuff, they are 'essential' and so will be remaining open.

I then went to the Chinese bazaar / supermarket for some cheap fixtures and fittings. As they sell all sorts of tat they are considered 'essential' and so will also be remaining open.
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