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Corona Virus


War Hero
There be a few local bakers round here that do amson pasties
Here in borderland we have to make do with Warrens or West Cornwall Pasty Co. efforts the're not too bad.
Luckily one of the missus' customers is Cornish and makes brilliant oggies, couple of lessons from her and I can make a reasonble one.

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Well, today all the cockwombles with second homes will rush to the coast, bringing Christ knows what with them - again. Small but steady rise in numbers here at the moment.

I get sick and tired of hearing people whine about lost business. Yes, you're gonna lose business - Yes we're all sorry about that. But is your business more important than someone's life??
It may sound harsh but it is the current reality. And while Kweer Starmer may blame the tories. It really isn't their fault. Blame the fucking Chinese for keeping it a secret for so long.

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Last time they all escaped from Madrid, the 'smarter' ones tried to use smaller roads, but there are not that many roads in Spain. The Guardia Civil are smart too - they were stopping cars full of suitcases with the occupants saying they were only going to check/feed the goats at the finca or whatever.

//Post drift//
Spanish bureaucracy.

Yesterday I took the bike for its MOT. It failed. Why I hear you ask?

Because they could not find the chassis number. I found it and showed them - they said it was too difficult to read. I got home, big FO LED torch and read it in a moment. However I have had to make another appointment to be retested (only to read the number and it is free) next week.

//Carry on//

Biker Buster

Lantern Swinger
Didn't know they did mots in Spain. Well I think that was an assumption when I saw some shit boxes on the road a few years back...

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Didn't know they did mots in Spain. Well I think that was an assumption when I saw some shit boxes on the road a few years back...

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Actually, it is a very fair system. You have to go to a local (Provincial) centre - so no affiliation to a garage. Book-in on-line and turn up. 4 years for first one, then every 2 years until vehicle is 10 then annually. If you fail, retests are free and can be done anytime within 2 months. A car test is 48 euros and the bike (a 650) was 30 euros.


War Hero
And now they all jump in their cars and head off to their second homes on the coast - again.



War Hero

He must have had the disease for decades...

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