Corona Virus

I've seen it recently that many hospitals have a policy of not traveling to work in uniform / part uniform. I don't think the policy was made on the grounds of transferring the virus; more to do with security. Apparently, several NHS staff have had hassle in different parts of the country from *********.
I didn't see the article referred to by Taff, but we should remember that the majority of hospital staff are still doing their normal jobs and are not directly engaged with C-19 patients.
Our company website states:

The Ventilator Challenge UK Consortium, which includes Airbus, Ford and Rolls-Royce, are currently working with Smiths Medical UK in north Luton (and us)


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I see your point M-B. but apparently there have been cases of people visiting hospital A+E's and some other departments and contracting The dreaded virus from there. Whether this is true or not, surely it is better to instruct all staff to change clothes before leaving the hospital?
Agree entirely. Is it another case of wishy-washy instruction from the NHS to staff, or perhaps no instruction at all?


NHS staff have been going to and from work in uniform for years. Not very hygienic but you dont have to be medically qualified to see that during the current pandemic you are being a dick.


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This is from our local police, due to the Spanish city dwellers coming to the coast for Easter:

Police Checkpoints at the Supermarkets.

Due to the amount of calls of received reporting the arrival of people to coastal towns.

In some towns the Police has decided to ask for the ID in order to verify those who don't live in the area permanently.

Please, take always your driving licence, Id card or passport with you.


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Safeguard. SWMBO is going to have a coffee morning today - don't ask!

I have been asked to go outside and sit on the terrace with a book (and the dogs) for the duration. I'm happy with that!

The house was cleaned to within an inch of its life yesterday. Everything. Vacuumed, mopped, windows cleaned tables polished, all ready for the grand event. Triangular sandwiches have been made already this morning and what biscuits we have are now on pretty plates. She has just got out her 'good' clothes and is in the shower.

Now I know you will all be concerned about people travelling unnecessarily and social distancing during the very strict Spanish lockdown. Don't be.

They are having it on a conference call type thing..........

You couldn't make it up.
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