Corona Virus


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Doubled up Monday - booster and flu.

No side effects apart from localised pain at injection site for a wee while, barely noticeable.

Constitution of an ox, me.


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Had mine Tuesday, down like a ton of shite, Wednesday afternoon, temp over 40, went to bed for a pair of house. That's all 3 Pfizer, same effect on all 3.
Is that what's happening now?
I thought they were mixing it up - 2 Pfizer, 1 Astra-Zenica and vice-versa.

Has that all changed? Got my booster on the 15th December.


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Got my booster on 16th
First 2 were AZ with no side effects whatsoever.
Not sure what they are giving up here for 3rd but its at a different venue - maybe Pfizer?


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AZ for first 2 Moderna for booster. N o effects from any apart from a slightly sore arm if I knocked the injection area
When I went for booster I was asked if I was scared of needles despite rolling up my sleeve to expose a large tattoo on my upper arm !!