Corona Virus


War Hero


War Hero
I am anti Vax and I don’t care what you think.
I am absolutely sick and tired of seeing people that are anti Vax getting ridiculed and bullied on Facebook because of their choice.
YOU need to understand WE have good reason to feel this way and that by simply attacking us or belittling us WILL NOT change our minds. We will not be silenced.
I for one sure will never have another one again. No chance in hell, I don’t care what you say to try and convince me, I’ve fallen for that trap too many times before.

They are absolutely the worst brand of vacuum cleaner ever.

It’s Henry all the way for me!


War Hero
Our friend was supposed to arrive on holiday from the UK yesterday, big BBQ organised 'in her honour' for today.

She tested positive on Monday. Works in the NHS, double jabbed etc.

On the plus side, we're just off out to the BBQ!


War Hero
Mrs AC and myself had our covid booster injections on Friday (pfeizer/biontech ) no side effects just the same as with the first two jabs. In and out of the clinic in 15 mins.

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