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All through the pandemic our sleepy little Border village only had 12 covid cases and 2 deaths, both elderly people. One of our two pubs,situated in the village centre, has recently had it's tenancy bought by an incomer couple with two school age kids.They moved in last week bringing with them their goods and chattels;... and covid. The village shop is next door to the pub, now closed for a deep clean and all staff who may have had contact with the new family are quarantined. same goes for the primary school staff as the younger child had a familiarisation day in class.
Strict track and trace is being carried out and there are a fair few really pissed off parishioners right now. This episode really has shown how this virus can suddenly jump from one community to another so easily. While we all would like to welcome this new family into our little village you can't help thinking; why the hell didn't they take a test before they arrived?


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Taff - that's scarey, but does kind of prove the point - sadly.

My leader and myself are still avoiding anywhere the hordes from Madrid etc might be visiting.

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