Corona Virus


Had my second jab(pfizer) last friday no problem at all, my son had the oxford/az that gave him one hell of a headache, he had to take a day off work.


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Challenge accepted :cool:



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I'll continue to support brewers and cider makers as best I can (or bottle).
Unfortunately due to this Indian variant suddenly appearing I won't be visiting the pub.


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I'm in Ont Canada, early 70' first jab three weeks ago, the mo will be late July before 2nd jab...same for swimbo....

I'm in Ontario too. I'm 65 and had first jab 23-Apr, second is booked for 13-Aug. SWMBO who's 55 had her first in Mar and second is booked for Jul (she works in an Ophthalmologist). Canada, Ontario especially, has been slow to roll out the vaccines :-(

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