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It's strange how different people react.

My friend, (aged 40 with historical medical issues therefore classed as 'vulnerable'), had the Pfizer jab in February with no ill effects whatsoever.
She had the second dose 2 days ago and within 2 hours she was vomiting for Britain. The effects wore off after anther couple of hours and she's fine now.


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We had our first jab (Pfizer) last night and appear to be 100% fine this morning. Jab took place in the grounds of the local sports stadium and was very well organised. Given time and date of second jab (3 weeks to the minute!) there and then, then encouraged to sit in the sun for half an hour to check for any adverse reaction - just like after the tank in Dolphin!
Did you check the mirror for your second head?


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Mrs Janner has had both Pfizer jabs now, first one no problems, second one She was warned by the jabber that She would feel it a lot more, good and sound advice it made her arm difficult to use for a couple of days.
SWMBO and I are finally getting to travel back to the UK today having been out in USA for 16 months. The most convenient flights I could get take us via Frankfurt.

It was good of Lufthansa to drop the bombshell that you need to have a negative covid test within 48 hours of arriving in Germany, even if only transiting to another destination. Everywhere else seems to be 72 hours from departure. Its been fun and games trying to ensure that we can get tested and the results within that timescale. Why could it not have been made a more sensible timescale and a method agreed internationally for covid test requirements?

We are looking forward to seeing family again for a number of reasons. I just hope we will be allowed by sleepy Joe to come back into USA post visit!


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We’ve got our 2nd Pfizer jab next week at the big centre in York - first went like clockwork and no real adverse affects so we’re hoping for a re run of that - just in time for the pubs opening properly


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Wife has her second booked for next Friday, she always feels faint no matter what jab she 's having. She's having the AZ again, and after the way she felt after the first one I'm not looking forward to next weekend!
I'm in Ont Canada, early 70' first jab three weeks ago, the mo will be late July before 2nd jab...same for swimbo....

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