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Leader and myself had texts to say we were getting the jab this Thursday. We had to reply 'Si' or 'No'. Obviously I replied 'Si'- many times, because the text had been sent from a land-line number and wouldn't go through!

Thought nothing of it - just turn up anyway!

Yesterday afternoon, phone call from the Health Authority - 'You coming or what?'. I'm impressed!


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Me too , I had the Astra Zen......query folks , York is regional centre for jabs and is run by
Nimbuscare , do they run any other centres around UK ?.

The one that I and Mrs W attended for both jabs is GP led and under the auspices of the Isle of Wight NHS Trust. She got the Oxford/AZ, I got the Pfizer.
Yep, all connected just not showing? I didn't book mine through the doctors however so that maybe the issue.
Contacted the NHS App yesterday and the reply was that the Dr has to "switch on" access to get it downloaded to the app........

If you’ve had the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, you may already see it in your GP health record if your GP has permitted access via the NHS App. If you are unable to see this information, please contact your GP Practice. They will need to ensure 1) access to your full medical record has been turned on and 2) the information has been added to your record. Your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine will usually appear in your GP health record within 48 hours, but it may take longer if it needs to be manually added to your record.

The Government, with the NHS, is working on providing individuals with the means to demonstrate their COVID-status through a digital and non-digital route, and is working with experts to put security and privacy at the core of this approach. Use of the NHS App is being considered as part of the digital route. As part of this consideration, the COVID-status is anticipated to take information from a central database and not from your GP health record which your practice gives you access to.

The NHS Website contains a wealth of information relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19), including information on how to get a test and information relating to the vaccination rollout.

For more information please see:

For information specific to Scotland please see:

For information specific to Wales please see:

For information specific to Northern Ireland please see:

If you have been invited to receive a vaccination by your GP practice or your local Primary Care Network and you are having an issue with your booking, please contact your GP practice directly.

If you have received a letter inviting you to a mass vaccination centre to receive your vaccination, please visit to make your booking. If you have an enquiry or are having a problem making your booking please phone 119 (England, Wales & NI) or 0800 030 8013 (Scotland).

If there's anything else you would like to discuss about the NHS App please don't hesitate to contact us again.


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We had our first jab (Pfizer) last night and appear to be 100% fine this morning. Jab took place in the grounds of the local sports stadium and was very well organised. Given time and date of second jab (3 weeks to the minute!) there and then, then encouraged to sit in the sun for half an hour to check for any adverse reaction - just like after the tank in Dolphin!

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