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It's time to have a rethink about the use of the term "it's gone viral", to describe something that has been passed to hundreds and thousands of people via the internets social media websites.
"It's popular" may be a better choice as a description for the foreseeable future.


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Working from home and about to go back to the 'office' (man cave) from having lunch in the 'restaurant' (kitchen) when I heard music.
Looks outside and a bloody ice cream van has just pulled up!!
They have obviously been out and about in Leeds according to this morning's BBC Yorkshire news index (text). Apparently, Leeds city council had withdrawn all ice cream sellers' pemits, so they were operating against the council's rules as well as the isolation guidelines. The council are asking people to report sightings. The twats should have their vans confiscated plus a BIG fine.


War Hero
I do think that here in Spain, the 'Establishment' is doing MUCH more to foster the 'Blitz' spirit than back in the UK - I've heard of the clapping last night (and to be done every Thursday) and seen it on the news - and yes, it is a lovely sign of solidarity.

However, they are doing it EVERY night here. Also, the emergency services are going round in convoys, sirens whooping and loudspeakers blaring out an 'Anthem'. They have been going round all the streets and last night stopped at all the supermarkets from big multi-nationals down to little corner shops and clapped all the workers. I have to say it is a bit surreal seeing all the Guardia / Policia Local in rig and blue gloves and face-masks dancing around and clapping!

Video available if anyone wants to see it!

PS Get well soon Boris!


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Which reminds me -

Q. What is the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer?

A.. The taste.


Lantern Swinger
Which reminds me -

Q. What is the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer?

A.. The taste.
Reminds me of one of my old Chief's pearls of wisdom (Eagle 1971) - "I knew he was queer, as soon as I tasted shit on his dick."
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