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Corona Virus


War Hero
How did you know my wifes name is Gertrude?


War Hero
This what happens here every day!

#CrisisCoronavirus | More than 100 national police officers and 300 civilian guards monitor mobility between municipalities in the province
The measures provide for the interposition of fines to those users who cross the limits of the municipal territory in which they are located or the time zone established as 'curfew' when they do not have a justified or exceptional cause
File photo, Local Police of Almu ñécar

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Found at the same source as @SONAR-BENDER's, above post

Mine Espagnole is a wee bit shakey but I believe these unusual items were left behind in el Costa's finest Five Star Hotel where an RAF detachment was recently accommodated.

I may be wrong - That group could well have been a detachment from the RAF Regiment. Any clues SB??


War Hero
Bob, those are actually 'religious fireworks', in that every fiesta (of which there are MANY!) important events are signalled by a mega bang - initiated by the likes of him. He has a belt round his waist, like a cowboy's bullet belt, only they are loaded with these rockets. He just glibly lights one and a second later above the town, huge bang and every dog within a mile radius going ape-shit!
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