Cornflakes in the Falklands

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by funkycook62, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. does anybody know who the poor sod was that emptied all those Cornflakes packets into that Life raft alongside Glamorgan in 82" to soften the impact of that Argie Bomb . has bugged me for years did he have to put Milk in as well !
  2. No mate it was millak (sp?) the real cow had run out 2 days out of the channel
  3. That would be Lt Cdr Nigel Arthur 'Bernie' Bruen MBE DSC RN, author of 'Keep Your Head Down - A Falklands Farewell'.
  4. Bernie Bruen was our NBCD Officer on the Bulwark. Used to walk around with a blue flashing light on his hard hat and a red surcoat he had sewn yellow stripes onto so "people will know who I am and what I do". Mad as a box of frogs but a good bloke even if he did make us sweep the jetty on Christmas day in Pompey because "Santa had complained" 8O .
  5. Never heard that story before. I was expecting you to get a lot of grief for even sugesting that something like that was actually true. Sounds like an urban myth to be. If it is true, I'll by a round.
  6. Pint of scrumpy for me then - true it is !!!
  7. Whale

    (say it quickly)
  8. Just checked Bernie's book and the ship involved with the 'Corn Flakes bomb' was actually RFA Sir Galahad, 12 days before the horrendous bombing incident at Fitzroy. The 1,000 lb UXB was lowered into a Gemini containing boxes of cornflakes and two Board of Trade lifejackets and the whole lot was towed away and sunk in deep water by the simple expedient of slashing the buoyancy chambers with a knife.

    More info about the deeds of Bernie and the MCD teams in the Falklands here.
  9. One of the CD's involved with the cornflake episodes was a L/Sea (CD) Charlie Chapman. He was often to be seen around Guzz dockyard with his magnet seeking out scrap non magnetic materiels for the CD's "Shiny Box" :wink:
  10. That's a scurrilous thing to say. (Not that I've ever met the gentleman, mind you - cough). :oops:

  12. OK I'll bite. ( or maybe I'm missing something)

    A magnet that could seek out non-magnetic materials?
  13. Shhhh! Trade secret.

    (Haven't you heard of the process of elimination?)
  14. I'll bite, if it's metal and don't stick to a's non-magnetic FFS, try it on aluminium or brass.
  15. Interesting reading about the bootie enquiring on joining the Galahad association having served on the boat and helped in the removal of the first bomb. The Capt refused stating it was for officers and selected ranks, apparently he has taken it on himself to form his own little club.

    Thankfully the bootie was inundated with letters of support to join other fleet associations.
  16. Precisely. So any metal not attracted to the magnet would be non-ferrous and possibly more attractive in other ways. Even the most common stainless steels are 'austenitic', i.e. they have a chromium and nickel content. The nickel modifies the molecular structure of the steel and makes it non-magnetic. Then there's copper, phosphor-bronze, lead, etc. Of course, I only know this owing to an occasional involvement in the reduction of ship and submarine magnetic signatures. :wink:
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Woooaahh! "Serious Alert!" This is supposed to be Lil's, remember... 8O :wink:

  18. thats the one ! top man now were was the bloody Rice crispies then ?

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