Corneal Ulcer

Good Evening,

I have a repeat medical next week, which I have been told is just a formality as any information requested from my GP has been okayed with the AFCO, so as far as that goes i am in the clear medically.

Though having my shitty luck, i developed an ulcer on my cornea between the medicals, the optician described it as tiny and has left a scar the size of a pin head on my cornea, something that has in no way affected my vision as proven by a repeat eye test.

The medical requirements specify repeat corneal ulcers, my question is should I highlight this one incidence given that, it has now healed, it has in no way affected my vision, that their is barely any noticable scaring.

Would this be something that would be picked up during training, or is it a trivial incidence that will bear no relevence to the ongoing medical requirements.

I have waited 6 weeks for notes to be shared between GP and capita, and given that this is a second medical, waiting another 6 weeks is going to be a nightmare.

Thanks in advance for your replies
I would not withold information by any means, just a tad unclear as the medical proforma specifies repeat occurances with respect to this type of thing, and given that is was only a minor, isolated incident would they really wish to explore this further.
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