Corbyn wins and so do the Conservatives.

Looks like Corbyn will lead the Labour party, he is not a socialist more of a Communist. So far as I am concerned with him at the helm the Labour party will never win an election.
Now all those Conservatives who bought Labour party membership can relax and maybe cancel them ;)
All will be well for Corbyn in the short term as all the starry eyed young thrusters who think he's god's gift will keep treating him like a super star. In a while though he will have to start telling everyone who is going to finance all his grand plans and then reality will kick in. No-one wants to notice that everything Corbyn and his cohorts are putting forward is not new but old policies given a spray of glitter. They haven't worked anywhere else(stand fast North Korea) and they're not going to work this time.
That's the thing I find out ironic about Corbyn's followers. They say he's anti establishment, yet he's been an MP for nearly 30 years!! He's as Establishment as Thatcher!

I haven't heard any policy come out of his mouth. And how can a man who voted against his own party over 400 tine have the gall to ask for unity? The Labour Party as we know it is finished.

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To listen to Corbyn and his pals you would think the only people that mattered in this country are the ones on the minimum wage or benefits. I completely understand that their situation could be improved but is beggaring the country and sky high taxes for everyone else the way to do it? Will the wealthy really expose themselves to all the tax gathering proposed and will companies remain in this country to be subject to an interventionist government? I think not.
Corbyn completely dodged the question from the BBC interviewer when asked if he would honour the will of the British people on limiting immigration from the EU. He keeps on using the words,democratic and democracy,but only wants that to apply to things he likes. I am at a loss to see why so many people are taken in by him and do no treat him with the same level of suspicion as other politicians.
Would borrow an extra £500 billion if they win the next election , how much would be spent on defence I wonder ?.
Probably none. He'd sooner us become as important as Switzerland than spend money on our interests.

But, more importantly, he won't win the next election.

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Oh dear what a mess we are in cons given a potential green light to do as they please?
Labour in the poo and north of the border run by a ginger wanaby Queen of Scotland?


I'm no Tory, couldn't be further from it. Corbyn is an absolute joke though. More than that, he's dangerous.

The Tories have no opposition. We can look forward to gloves-off, unrestricted Conservative rule for a good decade.....

We're fucked.
Corbyn completely dodged the question from the BBC interviewer when asked if he would honour the will of the British people on limiting immigration from the EU
This is the BBC talking about refugees and Australia ! How do you stop them when they have nothing to lose . There are only two ways to stop masses of refugees , fix what is driving them out of their homes ( in Syria whole sophisticated cities flattened and more children die every day) ---- or you can take Hitler's approach and employ the FINAL SOLUTION . What other ways are there ?

PS Hello Janner ,how are you doing , well I trust , just finished my last article , 86 in November , getting too old for it --- anyway this is the last diesel in the RN in my lifetime. Lofty

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